11-year Old Girl Crashes SUV in Brandon, Florida

11-year Old Girl Crashes SUV in Brandon, Florida

From time to time, personal injury attorneys have to deal with property damage resulting from car crashes. While small property damage cases are typically be handled without an attorney because the damage is measurable, from time to time, when the damage the crash caused is extensive, we are needed to get involved.

From time to time, you hear about people running their cars into a place of business or a house. The same rules of car crash liability apply; if you are allowing someone else to drive your car, you are liable for all the damage done by the person who is in charge of that car when it crashes into property. That rule flows “downstream” as well. If the person you loan your car to, then loans a car to someone else, say an eleven year old girl. You and your insurance are still on the hook.

Todays blog is about an interesting crash in Brandon on July 20, 2011.

Whatever the real reason was, we will never know. But what we do know is that Donald Leet told deputies he was teaching his girlfriend’s 11 year old daughter how to drive.
The girl managed to crash her mother’s sport utility vehicle into a water pipe at the First Baptist Church of Brandon about 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday night according to Hillsborough County Sheriffs office.

The 11 year old girl as well as another 7 year old girl who was in the back seat were screaming and crying as they climbed out of the driver’s window. Deputies witnessed the girls in hysterics as well as the water shooting about 50 feet into the air.

According to deputies, no one was badly injured but definitely shaken up. Leet had a glass of wine with dinner and his driver’s license was suspended.

Leet told deputies who were on the scene that he had allowed the girl to drive because he had a suspended license and a glass of wine. “You are going to make me lose my job,” Leet told deputies, and added: “Why don’t you arrest a rapist or murderer instead of me. You’re an illiterate Southerner. You don’t know anything. You only have a high school diploma. You’re dumb.”

Yet he was the one who let an 11 year old girl drive?

After that, the deputies arrested Leet of Apollo Beach on two counts of child neglect. He was released early Wednesday on $4,000 bail. This could have ended tragically as well but thank goodness did not.

As we all know, Florida’s legal age to drive a motor vehicle and obtain a driver’s license is 16. Some think that even this is too young due to the statistics of teenage crashes, many of which are due to texting and driving.

Whatever the reason may be, it is always safer for everyone involved to either call a friend, family member or a local cab company to drive you home. This way, not only do you stay safe, but the public as well.

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