A Rainy Day Can Become a Slip and Fall Nightmare

A Rainy Day Can Become a Slip and Fall Nightmare

raindrops-1016615-mAfter a few bright days of warm sun and fun outdoors, a rainy day can be a big disappointment. Few people like running errands, reporting to the office, or being stuck indoors on a wet and dreary day. Yet, the rain is a necessity in life and there is nothing that we can do to prevent it.

That being said, there is a lot that you can do to prevent that rainy day from becoming a major nightmare for your Saint Petersburg business. In order to better understand, consider the following story.

A young woman drops her heeled shoes beneath her desk at the office and slips on some low cut rubber boots before rushing out to her car. She has just an hour for lunch break to run a quick errand, so she has to hurry. She pulls in her driveway, ushers her dog into her SUV before climbing out and leaving her driveway again, in route to a St. Petersburg pet grooming service. After delivering her dog to the groomers, she smiles, realizing that she has plenty of time to get back to the office and starts to walk out the door. Yet, on her way out, the groomer calls out to ask her a question, and she quickly turns back. The floor, wet and muddy from the coming and going of customers, is slippery. Even with her rubber boots on, she doesn’t have enough traction and before she knows what is happening, she has fallen onto the hard tile floor. Because she was turning around when she slipped, she lands awkwardly, smashing her hip and elbow. Suddenly all thoughts of returning to the office on time are gone, replaced by agonizing pain.

Three surgeries, months of physical therapy, and a long span of missed work later, the woman takes the business to court and wins. Her personal injury attorney helps her win a large settlement that will ensure that she can return to the lifestyle she knew before the accident.

What about the business? What could they have done to prevent the misery of the lawsuit and the need to pay out large sums of money to a once-loyal customer? How could they have avoided that young woman’s embarrassment and pain?

Rainy days can occur in St. Petersburg quite frequently. With rain comes wet shoes, mud, and slippery surfaces. When you have people coming and going from your commercial property on a wet day, you run the risk of witnessing a slip and fall accident. That is, if you don’t take action to prevent such an incident. If that tile floor had been covered by absorbent mats that could have soaked up the water and mud, that woman wouldn’t have slipped. Even if the company had taken the time to place wet floor warning signs, they could have avoided the lawsuit. It is very important to consider how you can please your customers, but also how you can ensure their safety while they are on your premises.

As a personal injury attorney, I frequently hear the claims of innocence by commercial property owners after accidents like the one mentioned above. While they didn’t act with malice, they do have a responsibility to the individuals visiting their establishments. It all comes down to forethought. With a little preventative care, the rainy day remains just that, instead of becoming a nightmare.