Accident Reconstruction: What You Should Know

Accident Reconstruction: What You Should Know

If you have been involved in a car accident before, then you know how terrifying the entire experience can be. Generally people (if they are fortunate) step out of their vehicles in a sort of nervous, adrenaline-fueled haze. It is easy to understand how this state of mind would make a person likely to forget small details. Fortunately, for those who have known this state of mind all too well, there is accident reconstruction. This is a service that may be recommended by your personal injury attorney. Before you make a decision regarding if the investment can help your case, be sure that you are familiar with the process performed by a Saint Petersburg accident reconstructionist.

Accident Reconstruction? Obviously, the first question that you might have is “what is it?” Accident reconstruction is a process used to recreate the sequence of events that took place leading up to impact. Remaking an accident is a talent that relies heavily on certain scientific principles. Those who are licensed to perform this service in St. Petersburg have strong backgrounds in engineering and physics. It is also likely that they have an extended understanding of local traffic laws.

What Do I Bring to the Table? While the professionals in the art of accident reconstruction are very talented, they are not miracle workers. They do need some basic information to form their conclusions on. That means that you are an essential component of the process. Any details that you can remember of the crash, any photographs that you may have taken, the names and phone numbers of any witnesses that you collected, and other such information will play a big role in accident reconstruction. This is not the time to withhold information. Even if you weren’t able to get witness contact information or photos of the scene, you can offer your memories of the accident and the final resting position of the vehicles involved. Additionally, accident reconstruction will rely on statements made by others involved and on the police report.

Why is Accident Reconstruction Needed? It’s not always important in a case, but in some instances, accident reconstruction can be used to paint a picture of the scene that the jury members wouldn’t otherwise understand. This might include how bright sunlight, heavy fog, rain, or other such elements would have impacted the drivers. Furthermore, this process can be used to help determine traveling speeds and directions that the drivers were traveling at the time of impact. All of this will be backed by well-educated, expert testimony.

Is Accident Reconstruction Necessary in My Case? Every case is different and it is impossible to give a definitive answer to this question without more information about the accident. However, in general, accident reconstruction is considered worthwhile in any case with unresolved questions. That is to say, if there is any speculation regarding traveling speeds, the part played by Mother Nature, who had the right-of-way, or other such matters, then this service is likely to be recommended.

How Much Will Accident Reconstruction Cost? The price tag associated with this service varies from case to case, as it will depend on the amount of time required to gather information and formulate a scientific conjecture. However, it may be possible to have this expense absorbed, temporarily, by the personal injury lawyer covering your case. The fee would then be paid at the conclusion of the case. With accident reconstruction, the chances of your success in the courtroom – the chances of collecting damages – are greatly improved.