Automobile Accident in Tampa, June 14, 2011, Claims Life

Automobile Accident in Tampa, June 14, 2011, Claims Life

It only takes a minute for us to take your eyes off the road and for an automobile accident to happen. It is not always necessarily due to texting or answering our cell phones while driving. Sometimes it could be as choosing to take your eyes off the road to play with the radio or watching a passenger while engrossed in conversation. Whatever the case may be, many times it can result in an accident or even worse a loss of a precious life.

Jose Veciana lost his precious life on Tuesday June 14, 2011 at the age of 89 due to a car accident. He left behind his daughter Jeanette Aguiar and his former wife Norma Williams.

News outlets report that Jeanette Aguiar was driving and also suffered injuries in the accident when her vehicle drifted into oncoming traffic on Armenia Avenue in Tampa, Florida causing a serious accident when she impacted a FedEx truck. She is currently listed in critical condition.

This tragedy happened days after Aguiar moved her father into her home to help care for the elderly, retired developer. He had begun showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease and daughter Jeanette thought it would be a better arrangement to have him living at home under her care. Jeanette herself suffered from severe back problems and yet she still thought the world of her father and brought him home.

News reports that other family members were present at the hospital keeping vigilance by their sister’s side. Three brothers, a sister and Jeanette’s adult son all banded together along with their mother and prayed for their loved ones recovery. A difficult situation for any family to face.