Boy Saved From Poorly Timed Left Turn

Boy Saved From Poorly Timed Left Turn

sign-no-left-turn-1473790It was all the result of a poorly timed left turn, right here in Saint Petersburg, Florida but when the 51-year-old mom, Cheryl Murdock, cut across the lane of oncoming traffic, it was too late to correct her action. The impact of the vehicle slamming into the passenger side of her Jeep was enough to push it into the nearby ditch. During the crash, Murdock was ejected and thrown from the vehicle. Her body crashed to the ground not far from where the vehicle stopped. She suffered serious, life-threatening injuries, according to the St. Petersburg Tribune. But, the nightmare wasn’t over yet.

After the mother was thrown, the vehicle came to an abrupt halt in the ditch, and within mere moments suddenly bursting into flames. Within the Jeep, still buckled and unconscious, was her 12-year-old son, Evan, who had been riding with her than day.

Fortunately, there were also witnesses of the crash, and two men were quick to take action. They were able to enter the burning car long enough to unclasp the seatbelt and pull the boy to safety. Reports indicate that both mother and son will be facing a long period of recovery, if they pull through after this horrific accident involving a poorly time left turn.

The worst part about this crash is that it is easy to understand how a driver would make the mistake and misjudge when it was safe to take the left turn. It happens very frequently, and the person turning left is almost always found at fault. This case will most likely be decided the same way.

In St. Petersburg, the driver who intends to turn left –whether at an intersection, driveway, or a side street – is to yield right-of-way to oncoming traffic. This was what the mother failed to do and the result of a life-threatening incident that has left both she and her son in a fight for their lives.

Accidents do happen, but there are actions that can be taken to help prevent them and one of those actions is to simply provide a larger cushion of safety when taking left turns. It can be difficult to gauge the speed at which an approaching car is traveling. The reason that you will never find yourself in this position, is that you know what happens if you misjudge, so you provide yourself more than what you think is just enough time to sneak through. You know that people who are found at fault in such an accident are required to cover the medical and repair costs of other parties involved in the crash.

Left hand turns have cost many drivers a great deal financially and personally. Injuries can take a person away from work and other daily responsibilities, which certainly are a different type of loss, but important nonetheless. This woman and her son were rushed to a hospital where both were reported to be in serious condition. We wish them the very best and hope they recover fully. The recovery, however, will undoubtedly be long and arduous, leaving much to overcome even after being released from medical care.

If you are injured in an accident because another driver turned left prematurely, and into your lane, you should speak to a personal injury attorney.