Cancer and Medical Malpractice

Cancer and Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice LawyerMillions of people will deal with the heartbreaking effects of a cancer diagnosis this holiday season, whether in Saint Petersburg or elsewhere.

Whether they, themselves, were diagnosed or they are witnessing the impacts in their loved ones, they will have a lot of emotional and physical complications to contend with. If the diagnosis wasn’t bad enough, the news is made worse when one comes to realize that the problem should have been detected much earlier. This could lead to talks with a personal injury attorney.

Medical malpractice claims are being filed more and more frequently in St. Petersburg and other cities across the nation due to the fact that doctors are failing to properly diagnose cancer in their patients.

The most common claims are tied to breast cancer. It is among the most commonly diagnosed types of cancer in this country and yet doctors consistently overlook it or at least that is how it appears when looking over courtroom accounts.

So, how do doctors miss the condition that is so easily diagnosed with today’s technology? Often the answer is due to a wrong assumption. This could be a result of reading scans wrong or underestimating the severity of a known lump, labeling it as something else entirely rather than urging the patient to seek further testing.

Another problem is delayed diagnosis. Doctors today, whether in St. Petersburg or other cities, often have schedules that are too demanding and leave them little time to read through test results and patient charts. The result is that, if the patient isn’t proactive in calling and asking for results, scans can go unread for weeks or may be ignored all together. That time wasted allows for the cancer to spread further.

Of course, it is not only the diagnosis phase where doctors can fail patients. Many claims are also linked to surgical errors, such as utilizing a controversial procedure, which ultimately leads to reappearance of the cancer, or failing to recognize troubled tissue and thereby failing to remove it.

Doctors are trained, licensed, and hired to do all that they can to prolong the health and life of patients. When they fail to live up to their duties, patients suffer. For that reason, it is not inappropriate, nor should it be discouraged, that victims look to the courts for justice and speak to a personal injury attorney.