Common Personal Injury Lawsuits

Common Personal Injury Lawsuits

that-hurt-1450455There are many different injury cases filed in this country every year, many of them known as common personal injury lawsuits. People are often hurt and, unfortunately, many of those situations could have been avoided if people and/or companies operated with the best interest of others in mind.

Though there are certainly cases that fall outside the norm, there are many common personal injury lawsuits. Many of those cases stem from accidents that happened right here in the St. Petersburg area.

Car Accidents. These are easily the most common cause of personal injury lawsuits. Though we rely heavily on cars, trucks, vans, and busses to get us from point A to point B, those modes of transportation do not come without risk. We are relying on other drivers to act in a responsible manner, which, as we know all too well, isn’t guaranteed. People drink and drive, climb into their vehicles when exhausted, they text and read emails from behind the wheel, they apply make-up, eat, maintain long-winded conversations, and do a myriad of others things that make them prone to distraction and lead to poor decision-making. That leads to accidents and those crashes can cause serious, life-altering injuries, or even death. A single car accident can cost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in repairs, emergency medical expenses, lost wages, and ongoing medical treatment. That is why a victim must call a personal injury attorney to assist them through the process.

Slips and Falls. There have been jokes made on this front, but it truly isn’t a laughing matter. We have seen a lot of cases right here in Saint Petersburg that have left victims with very serious injuries. The costs associated with medical transportation, surgeries, physical therapy, loss of employment, and other such effects, are often immense. While most slip and falls are brushed off, once in a while a slip leaves a person with broken bones, herniated disks, torn ligaments or tendons requiring surgery. In some cases, particularly those involving stairs, victims have been left with permanent paralysis because their necks or spines were injured.

Hurt on the Job. It shouldn’t be overly surprising to find that work-related injuries are near the top of the list of common personal injury cases. There are a lot of dangerous career paths that a person can follow in life. One of the most impacted industries is the construction business. Climbing ladders, working with electricity, large equipment operation, and other such tasks make these workers more prone to accidents. In many instances, those accidents do not result in personal injury cases. However, when workers’ compensation or company insurance policies don’t cover the related expenses, or when the person injured is not an employee but rather someone visiting the location, a personal injury attorney may be needed to find out what your options are.

Medical Malpractice. Rounding out the top four causes of personal injury lawsuits is medical malpractice. These cases are not as common as most people think. A simple bad result is not enough to make a claim for medical malpractice. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are human, and that means that they are not immune from consequences for behaving below the standard of care. Unfortunately, those mistakes can cost a great deal when another person is seriously harmed or killed as a result. This could be the consequence of a negligent misdiagnosis, an operating room error, or failure to read the full medical history of the patient. Regardless where the error was made, the results can be physically, emotionally, and financially devastating.

If you suffer an injury as a result of any of these common causes, or simply as a result of another person’s negligence, then you should speak to an experienced lawyer, so you don’t have to pay twice for another person’s poor choice.