How to Conquer Fatigue Before Hitting the Road, Part II

How to Conquer Fatigue Before Hitting the Road, Part II

drinking-966608-mIn the previous post, I wrote a bit about how diet can impact energy levels and help you avoid a St. Petersburg accident as a result of fatigue. However, at times, even those who eat very healthily can find themselves frequently tired. When that is the case, there may be other things tried to conquer fatigue and say goodbye to exhaustion. After all, staying at home for fear of a fatigue-induced crash isn’t always an option.

Drink Up! No, no! Put the alcohol aside. That isn’t what I meant. While consuming regular doses of beer or wine can leave you feeling even groggier and more unable to conquer fatigue, water can have the opposite impact. Those who are dehydrated tend to feel more rundown that people who consume at least eight glasses of water per day. There is a good reason for this. Lack of water consumption can lead to blood thickening, which makes it harder for the oxygen-carrying liquid to reach all areas of the body. The reduced flow of oxygen means that organs and cells have to work harder to do their jobs. Ultimately, the body goes into partial shutdown mode, leaving you fighting the fatigue.

Can’t tell if you are drinking enough water? It is important to mention that eight glasses per day is a guideline. Depending on your activity level, you may require even more. It is best to pay a bit of attention to the color of your urine during your bathroom breaks. If you are not going often or find that it is very dark in color, you are not getting enough fluids and should reach for a glass of water more regularly. Many have found that it is easier to attain the recommended liquid consumption when drinking from a graduated thermos. Many water bottles today mark off the ounces along the side, so you can see exactly how much you have consumed over a given period of time.

Curb the Caffeine. Though it may sound a bit like backwards thinking, the truth is that heavy caffeine intake can cause increased fatigue. While a cup or two of coffee in the morning is going to perk you up, and is completely safe, too much caffeine in the afternoon can make it difficult to sleep at night. Even if you don’t consciously notice this, the caffeine can be reducing the amount of quality sleep your body receives and that means a greater risk of exhaustion, accident, and the need for a personal injury attorney.

Treadmills Should Be Trendy. I know that it can be difficult to get to the gym when your body is dragging and the only thing you want is a comfy bed to lie down in, but studies have shown, conclusively, that regular exercise improves sleep, leaving the body feeling more energized and able to conquer fatigue. So, struggling through the workout today may just mean feeling better for the rest of the week.

Do remember that when you choose the right form of exercise, you will forget about your fatigue levels and enjoy your workout. So, maybe you are better off foregoing the treadmill and opting for a pick-up game of basketball, a few laps in the local pool, or a hike through a Saint Petersburg park. Choose the activity that best suits you and exercise will be fun and energizing.

It should be noted that, if none of the tips mentioned in this and the previous post prove useful in fighting your fatigue, you should consult a physician. Exhaustion can, occasionally, be linked to certain medical conditions.