Tampa Construction Worker Killed on I-75

Tampa Construction Worker Killed on I-75

Another automobile – pedestrian fatality occurred in Brandon when a 19-year-old construction worker, Robert Armstrong, was killed early Tuesday after being hit by a vehicle on Interstate 75. This is like some of the other local crashes that I want to mention in my blog.

According to news outlets, Armstrong was one of our local 2010 graduates of Brandon High School, and was engaged and a proud father of a 4-month-old daughter named Savannah.

Florida Highway Patrol officials stated that Armstrong was struck by a vehicle at 4:30 a.m. on I75 while working along Interstate 75 near State Road 60 in Brandon. FHP officials think the driver of the truck that hit Armstrong possibly was intoxicated. A toxicology test was performed on Logan Feagle, the 21-year-old driver of the pickup truck in the crash but the results were not released as of yet.

Again with the Toxicology issue. If he was intoxicated, Mr. Feagle would be open for not only the criminal penalties, and civil judgment by Armstrong for negligence and wrongful death, but also for punitive damages, which act as a punishment. Both of those hinge upon Mr. Armstrong’s family obtaining a qualified personal injury attorney to handle the claim(s), and the available insurance. While the bodily injury (BI) coverage in Mr. Feagle’s automobile insurance will cover personal injuries he has caused as well as punitive damages claims, I am seeing more and more of our young 20-something drivers driving with minimal insurance.

This may leave Armstrong’s personal injury attorney trying to make an insurance claim against his own underinsured motorist (UM) automobile insurance coverage.
At the time of the crash, Armstrong was busy working removing a speed limit sign. Apparently, Feagle lost control of his 2002 Chevy truck which ended up colliding with the message board. The message board then struck Robert Armstrong as he was moving the sign onto the road’s shoulder.

According to officials from the Pepper Construction company, he had been an employee for about a year.

Angie Coleman, Armstrong’s fiancé’s mother said, “They just took someone’s father away from them, and she’ll (Savannah)never get to see her dad again.” ” He never missed one day of work no matter what,” said Coleman. “I don’t care if that boy was sick. He went to work.”

People closest to Armstrong were shocked to hear the news and had many good things to say about him. They mentioned that he was one of the hardest working men they knew.

All southbound lanes of the highway during the crash investigation were closed initially, then slowly re-opened.

The investigation into the crash is still under way. As I have mentioned in other blogs, Florida leads the country in pedestrian and bicycle deaths in America. Our hearts go out to the road workers, and appreciate the work in the middle of the night so we will not be bothered during the daytime hours, a terrible side effect is having to share the road with potentially intoxicated drivers.

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