Dangers of Detox

Dangers of Detox

chlorella-pills-3-1411891-mAs a personal injury attorney, I have seen many devastating health conditions, life-altering injuries, and, of course, tragic deaths. It is never easy to be a witness to these horrific situations. The ironic part, though, is the fact that most people would picture a horrible car accident, a burglar shooting a homeowner, or an elderly lady falling on a slippery floor. Not all personal injury examples, however, are so cut and dry. Millions of people each year suffer unusual symptoms and serious health concerns as a result of poorly performing medications and herbal aids.  Consider the dangers of detox.

One common and unfortunate trend that I have noticed in recent years is the dangerous impact herbal detox solutions can have on people. These supposed remedies, which are readily available in St. Petersburg stores, are not regulated by the FDA, as medications are.  Yet there are many very convincing claims made by the manufacturers of these herbal cleanses.

The concept, of course, is to flush the body of a build-up of toxins which occurs throughout the years of life as one eats unhealthy foods, is exposed to poor air quality, and/or is otherwise subjected to potential burdens on well-being. The detox flush is a system that uses ingredients that naturally encourage urination and bowel movements. The claim made is that via these systems, the body can properly process and flush existing toxins.

The trouble is that these toxins, first of all, do not even exist. According to leading health experts, including many who work and in reside in the Saint Petersburg area, the body is far more productive than we give it credit for. We have been built to do our own filtering and, therefore, without the use of these detox systems, our body naturally flushes toxins.

Secondly, inflammation and some of the other symptoms that these herbal remedies claim to correct, control our natural defenses of the body. Swelling occurs as the body attempts to protect something within us that is being threatened, either by injury or illness. When inflammation is experienced over a long period of time, it points to a problem that should be diagnosed and treated by medical professional. It isn’t something that should be carelessly overlooked. Treating it with detox systems will not make the underlying problem go away.

The third and final concern regarding a detox system is the fact that they can do the opposite of what is claimed. In other words, detox systems can actually dehydrate the body and strip it of the necessary vitamins and nutrients needed to combat many of the symptoms that detox systems are meant to assist with. The quick flush of the system creating the need to urinate and have bowel movements frequently throughout the day suggests that food is being passed too readily through the body. It does not provide our internal systems long enough to absorb the necessary nutrients and vitamins. When one of these diets is repeated with regular frequency, or is followed for a prolonged period of time, the body can become weaker and less resistant to injury and illness than it was before the detox system was used.

Unfortunately, the end result of these detox diet plans can be a very sick and unhealthy individual. If you were one of those who used these systems because of the promises made by the manufacturers, only to find that you were left in a worse physical state after the fact, you may have the right to compensation. If you have suffered serious illness or health complications as a result of your detox system use, then consult a personal injury attorney about your rights.