On-The-Job Injuries: 19-Year-Old Dies

On-The-Job Injuries: 19-Year-Old Dies

manhole-cover-971919-mConstruction work sites are all too often the locations of serious injuries and accidents. The government agency known as OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration – has made big strides to prevent job injuries since it was established to ensure safe working situations for all American employees. Improved safety protocols have been put into place to better ensure, as long as companies and workers follow such rules, that the chances of injury and death are greatly reduced. Unfortunately, accidents do still happen and the results can be devastating.

A story out of Georgetown, Idaho is touching the hearts of people as far away as St. Petersburg, as a family mourns their 19-year-old son and a 46-year-old friend. According to the report by KTVB.com, the boy was an employee of the construction company responsible for doing some work on the city sewer system. The boy and his co-worker were sent down into a manhole.

Though there is still an investigation in the works, it is suspected that the sealant carried into the ground reacted with the PVC liner and gave off toxic fumes, which caused the young man to faint and fall into the water. His co-worker was unable to save him and the effort – likely as a result of being an asthmatic – proved fatal to him, as well.

According to company representatives, the men were armed with all of the appropriate safety gear, and it was just a fluke that the chemicals produced such a toxic punch. Now the family must mourn the loss of a young man that died far too early. Surely, an investigation will be underway to determine what chemicals were at work and whether or not this information should have been known to an established construction company. The death of two men is not something that will be taken lightly by OSHA and other such organizations. The business will likely see a great deal of changes in the coming weeks and months, as added precautions and other ways to prevent similar tragedy are taken in the future.

In this particular case, the boy’s family is not likely to sue, as this was a family-owned business. That is to say that the victim likely would have been the heir to the construction company. However, the co-worker who passed was also a victim, and though a family friend, his own loved ones could decide to file a lawsuit against the company, if it is deemed that the right precautions were not taken.

These are the stories that should serve as reminders to Saint Petersburg employers. Those performing the work are human beings, fully susceptible to injury and death when things go wrong. Unnecessary risk should never be tolerated because once an incident like this has occurred, it’s too late to correct the problem. Leaving another person in the way of danger can also place your company, and your financial stability, in the same path. Personal injury law will protect the victims whenever it is determined that a company failed to do what was necessary to provide a safe work environment.

If you, or a loved one, are injured in a work-related incident and suffer job injuries, you do have the right to seek financial compensation. Though many are lucky to walk away with their lives when problems arise, they can be left with permanent disability and incapable of performing the jobs they have trained for all their adult lives. The courts are in place to assist such victims, and their families, in recouping the losses that are suffered as a result. Do not hesitate to call a personal injury attorney to learn more.