Kennedy Causes Many to Consider Hospital Maternity Ward Rules

Kennedy Causes Many to Consider Hospital Maternity Ward Rules

Personal Injury LawyerIf you have given birth in recent years, then you are probably familiar with the strict rules of hospitals’ labor, delivery, and recovery areas. Due to the extreme liability hospital staff carries in the delivery and postnatal care of newborns, these rules are seen as essential. However, some were surprised to hear of such regulations when news was released regarding the recent Douglas Kennedy scandal.

Kennedy demands that it was his right to take his two year old son, Bo, out for some fresh air during the postnatal stay at Westchester hospital in New York. In his effort to do that, reports suggest, two nurses were physically assaulted and Kennedy was eventually brought up on charges of child endangerment and harassment. His name was cleared, but he now faces a personal injury case as well, which was filed by the two nurses involved.

While hospitals in St. Petersburg and elsewhere allow the baby to stay with the mother, which was not always the case, lines are drawn at other requests. There are many rules that one must follow after the birth of a child, which limit the number and age of guests at any given time. It is also prohibited that anyone remove a newborn baby from the recovery area prior to the infant being cleared for release in Saint Petersburg hospitals as well as other hospitals.

Kennedy was knowingly breaking the rules of the hospital and, for that reason, clouded the joy of his son’s birth with courtroom drama. It is important to realize that hospitals create and enforce such rules for the safety of the baby and the parents. The goal is to protect the health and well being of the newborn, releasing the child only once the staff feels that the legal guardians are capable of caring for him or her.

Only when the hospital staff is operating outside the documented regulations of the hospital is there reason to question motives. If you feel that your child is being held inappropriately, or the medical care provided is perceived as being sub-par, speak with a personal injury attorney regarding your rights.