4 Steps You Should Take After a Dog Bite

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personal injuryIt doesn’t matter which side of the leash you’re on, a dog bite is certainly nothing to laugh at. Dog bites are traumatic incidents, emotionally scarring, and can result in a lawsuit. If you have been attacked by a dog, take action, because the next few days can be critical for your health and any compensation that you may receive. Here are four steps to take when trying to overcome such incidents.

1. Seek medical attention

If you, your child, or pet has been bitten by a dog, it is crucial to seek medical attention and treatment as soon as possible. Some severe personal injuries may take some time to appear, so even if you don’t think that you are hurt, it is a good idea to get checked out.

If you’ve sustained an injury to your face, make certain you talk to a plastic surgeon, as often you’ll get better results than you might in the emergency room. Lastly, remember to take your medications and to document all injuries.

2. Gather information

It is important to get as much information as possible about the dog and the attack. Find out the age and breed of the dog. Make sure to get contact information for the owner of the dog as well as witnesses. Also, find out if the dog is caught up on all vaccinations and is free of diseases.

3. Notify animal control

Some people worry about notifying animal control because of the repercussions for the dog. It is crucial for both you and the community that you live in to report the attack so that the authorities can take the best course of action in controlling these potentially dangerous dogs.

4. Speak with a personal injury attorney

At this point, you do not know the full extent of your medical expenses, and you may be able to pursue compensation for the lost of wages and any other injury related expenses.

If you have been attacked by a potentially dangerous dog, follow these four steps to ensure the best for your health, the health of the dog, and your community by contacting a personal injury attorney today.