Safety Precautions That Can Help Prevent Injuries At Home

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stop signs-1219058-mPersonal injury attorneys serve to help victims after accidents occur that cause serious bodily injury or property damage. When such a victim is hurt on your property, you can end up on the wrong side of the courtroom. Avoid injuries and such fates by ensuring that your home, yard, and other buildings are safe for guests.

Enclose the Pool, Trampoline, and Other Dangerous Playthings

Some of the most serious accidents that can take place at home involve young children and pools or trampolines. Drowning incidents send thousands of children to hospitals every year, and, unfortunately, often end in devastation. Similarly, trampolines are known to cause bloody noses, black eyes, broken bones, concussions, and even worse situations for young children. While these objects can be had and enjoyed, they must be treated with the respect that they deserve. They should be gated and locked against unwanted or unsupervised visitors to avoid injuries.

Display Warning Signs

Do you have a low-hanging beam over your porch? Will you allow guests to use the pool or trampoline mentioned above? Is your walkway slippery when wet? Is your swing set rated only for a certain weight? These are things that can cause you trouble when visitors arrive. Avoid problems by posting signs with rules and advisories. Today, it is possible to have very nice, unobtrusive, and even attractive signs made that will serve as warnings without ruining the look of your backyard.

Keep Construction Areas Roped or Gated Off

Home construction is not uncommon. Particularly in the spring and fall, Saint Petersburg homeowners go to work on improving their property. This is a good thing from the personal injury law standpoint. It means that possible property defects are corrected before they can cause injury. However, construction areas come with their own risks. Keep unwelcome visitors and curious children out by roping off or gating the work area.

Ensure any Stairs and Walkways are Clean, Dry, and Safe

Slips and falls are common occurrences in this country and around the world. Unfortunately, they are part of life. Yet, steps can be taken to limit the risks assumed by visitors to your home and property. Wet surfaces tend to be slick, rough surfaces tend to be tripping hazards, and stairs that have broken or damaged steps can easily result in serious harm. Recognize these problems that may exist around your St. Petersburg home and correct them before visitors stop by.

Keep an Eye Out for Tree Rot

This might seem an odd recommendation, but falling trees and limbs can do a lot of damage. Branches that stick out over the driveway can fall atop visitor’s vehicles and those that are perched precariously around decks, patios, and swing sets are at even greater risk. Look for signs that a tree in your yard might be dying. If you see these red flags, then take action and avoid serious problems later on.

Keep Your Dog Fenced or Leashed

Dog attacks are making the news daily all around the country. This is a hot topic, as many people weigh in with their beliefs as to whether certain breeds should be considered vicious, if dogs should be put down after an attack, and to what degree a dog owner is responsible.

Don’t take chances with your pet. Remove the animal from stressful situations and ensure that he or she is properly restrained when guests stop by or when pedestrians walk past your yard.