Insurance Services That St. Petersburg, Florida Homeowners May Overlook

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girl-swimming-in-the-pool-1425771-m (1)As a homeowner, you have likely invested in an insurance policy meant to protect you from serious financial loss should an unexpected event ruin or damage your property. While St. Petersburg homeowners’ policies are meant to provide that sense of comfort, they can often assist you in many other situations as well. Unfortunately, many property owners are not aware of these additional services until it is too late to take advantage of them. Homeowners insurance claims may go unpaid.

Dog Bite. The headlines are consistently filled with stories of dogs attacking owners, passersby, or young children. Although we love them as pets, and most will live out their years without making such an offense, they are animals. They can react instinctively at times, and that can result in someone being seriously harmed. Many homeowners’ policies will provide financial coverage should your dog harm a friend, family member, or visitor to your premises. With proper training and by restraining your dog when unknown visitors arrive, you can greatly reduce the chances of a dog bite, but it is also a comfort to know that you won’t have to pay for the medical care, out of pocket, should an unexpected attack occur. Remember that dog attacks can leave limbs broken, skin infected, cause serious blood loss, and may even result in death. Ambulance rides, emergency room visits, casts, cosmetic surgeries, and bone resetting, among other consequences, can be substantial. Look into your policy and determine what sort of coverage you can expect if your dog should lash out at someone.

Off-Property Liability. Imagine, while at the local Saint Petersburg public pool, you jump out and run after your child. In doing so, you accidentally knock someone else into the water. While falling, that person bangs his head on the concrete platform and loses consciousness. One can image how quickly such a situation could race out of control. The ambulance arrives and ushers the person off to the emergency room. Along the way, he is revived and given a hefty dose of pain killers to ease the ache in his head. In the emergency room, he is given an oxygen mask and his head needs a dozen stiches. The hospital keeps him for evaluation until the next morning, at which time he is told that he will not be able to return to work for five days. Just imagine how much of a financial hit that would result in. Now, imagine if the bill for medical care, ambulance ride, and lost wages is sent your way. It’s a good time to consider what sort of coverage your homeowner’s policy offers.

Florida remains at the top of the list for most expensive homeowners’ insurance policies. The average property-owning resident in this state will pay nearly $1,400 per year. Given all that you have paid toward that insurance, you should receive some comfort in knowing that it will act as a last line of defense in some highly unusual, but yet entirely possible situations.

If you are the victim, and the negligent person doesn’t want to help cover the medical costs, then you should speak to an experienced lawyer. You should also have the comfort of knowing that a personal injury attorney can help you file a claim against that person’s homeowner’s policy. You may be able to collect the full compensation for your financial losses.