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After being involved in a car accident in St. Petersburg, you will likely find yourself scared and overwhelmed.  There is so much that runs through a person’s head after such an incident, including concerns about transportation to and from work, and the need for medical care.  The need for answers can be so intense that a person is willing to quickly accept a settlement from the insurance company in order to ensure that he or she has a vehicle to drive and has the money to cover the ambulance ride and first doctor appointments.  Yet, it is not a good idea to take such swift action because it can lead to financial trouble just weeks or months down the road.


Is your initial settlement from insurance too low?

All too often, insurance companies will offer Saint Petersburg accident victims reduced settlements up front.  Though they know that these sums are too little to cover the actual costs of an accident, they also realize that accident victims are generally shaken up, and in a hurry to put their lives back in order.  So, the insurance company takes advantage of that mental state and offers a weak settlement, with the hopes that the sense of urgency will be enough to entice the victim to agree.

It is important to seek legal assistance after an accident, especially when there were a lot of damage or injuries sustained.  That first settlement offer is very rarely enough to cover the real costs of an accident.  And, as insurance companies are totaling more vehicles than ever before, people are finding that the checks issued after an accident are too small to cover the costs of a replacement vehicle.

Insurance needs to cover more than your car repairs

Remember, when that settlement offer is presented, it is not just the cost of the car repair or replacement that must be considered.  There is the rental car that will be needed in the meantime, along with the lost wages that resulted from not being able to get to work after the accident.  There may be a need for ongoing medical care, and that may mean battling with the insurance company over the legitimacy of your injuries.  The insurance company could increase your rates after the accident, or drop your coverage altogether.

There are many inconveniences to contend with after an accident, so allow a personal injury to take on the auto insurance company.  All too often, insurance companies will try to wear a person down, when the first settlement isn’t accepted.  They will “lose paperwork” or fail to return phone calls.  They will transfer calls to one department after another, and each transfer means going through the facts of the case all over again.  There is no point contending with that frustration on your own.

A personal injury attorney will sit down with you, take a look at your vehicle, consider the medical records related to the accident, and will help you establish a realistic settlement figure.  That will allow you to choose your own repair shop, as insurance companies will often recommend shops, or might even have affiliates in repair businesses that will cut corners or overlook damages in order to keep the costs low for the insurance company.  The assistance of a personal injury attorney can provide you with the opportunity to seek the proper medical care without having to consider the price tag attached and to feel less of the stress associated with missed work time. If you are struggling to get the financial compensation you deserve, contact us for a free case evaluation.