New Year’s Resolutions, Part III: Keeping Your Family Safe in 2013

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Personal Injury LawyersAs the New Year dawns, there is the desire to “start anew” or to improve upon oneself. Perhaps this year, instead of trying to lose weight or quit a bad habit, you should think bigger and consider the ways that you can better protect your family today and in the future.

In the Car. Bad driving habits have received a lot of attention from the St. Petersburg media in recent months as phone use in the car becomes a bigger and bigger problem. If you are still taking unnecessary risks by texting, talking, or emailing while driving, then this is the perfect time to rethink your priorities.

In 2013, also consider other things that can be done to keep you safer on the road. Do you have an emergency care kit in the car? How about a spare tire or road flares? Do you know what to do if a tire blows, if a light on your dash starts flashing, or if you are the victim of an accident? Do you know how a personal injury attorney could help you if you are involved in a crash on the highway?

In Saint Petersburg. Even when you have arrived safely and parked the car, you should recognize the hazards around you and how they could negatively impact your life. When out and about in this great city or any other in America, be sure that you are being responsible and avoiding unwanted scenarios.

While the majority of people that you encounter are genuinely good people, there are those who would willingly cause you harm. Keep your purse or wallet closed and protected against your body, teach your kids the dangers of speaking to strangers, and know what to do if you are harmed in some way.

At home. Even in the safety of your own house or apartment, your family could be at risk. One of the greatest things that you could do for yourself this year is to check the recall list at least once per week.

Often it is discovered that a product, grocery item, or vehicle is in some way dangerous to the consumer. If you want to avoid unthinkable outcomes, be aware of these risks and follow manufacturer guidelines if a recall is issued.