At The Old Ball Game – Can You Sue?

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LawsuitWith 15 spring training seasons ending in the St. Petersburg area and the new baseball season underway, heading out to the ballpark is clearly the way to go right now. Any baseball fanatic would know what it is like to watch your favorite athletes play, but what happens when one of the players hits a foul ball or accidentally lets go of the bat?

It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. So, is there anyone to sue if you’re hurt while you’re at the old ballgame? The answer depends a bit on the circumstances themselves.

There is a generally held “baseball rule,” that says those who own the stadium have only some duty to protect fans from the ball if it’s hit or thrown into the seats. They have to provide enough screened seating for those who actually want them.

On the back of most stadium tickets, you will find the fine print that spells out the liability rights, which states that when you buy that ticket, you’ve signed an agreement, and you can’t hold the stadium (or the baseball franchise) liable for any injuries that happened during the game.

You might have some risk of a ball hitting you while you’re in your seat, but you shouldn’t have any risk while you’re headed up for more popcorn or going to the bathroom. For example, a fan was getting food from the concessions cart when he was struck in the eye by a foul ball. It has been noted by the MLB that when the fans are in these designated areas, they are letting their guard down and should have extra protection.

According to, in Florida, one fan was actually hit in the jaw while standing near his seat after an overthrown ball came his way. It was ruled that the player who threw the ball was warming up outside of the playing field. These are just a few examples of possible lawsuits.

Experts estimate that one serious personal injury occurs to a spectator during every single major league game. If you happen to be one of these unlucky people, it may be wise to contact a personal injury attorney. Whether you will be successful depends upon the circumstances in which the injury took place.