Pedestrian Accidents: What To Do When You Are Involved

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Pedestrian Automobile collisionWhether as the driver of a motor vehicle or the eco-friendly employee walking to work, you can find yourself in a very serious and scary situation if pedestrian accidents occur. In either scenario – as the pedestrian or driver – you can be blamed for the outcome and should, therefore, speak to a personal injury attorney as soon as you are able.

However, before that can happen, there are a few things that need to occur to protect the health and well-being of those involved in pedestrian accidents.

Take Care of the Injured. If someone is hurt, get that person to a safe place, away from moving traffic and call 911. While there may be a need for immediate medical attention, it is best to wait for the Saint Petersburg medical team to arrive, if at all possible.

You should perform only what is absolutely necessary, such as CPR, in the event of an emergency because you are not as well trained as a medical professional or emergency responder.

File a Police Report. Even if no one was injured, it is important to speak with the police and ensure that statements are taken from all those involved. Also ask the officer to take note of any witnesses to the incident. Otherwise, these pedestrian accidents can come back to haunt you later on down the road.

Avoid Saying Too Much. In your own statement, say only what is absolutely necessary and never admit guilt to the St. Petersburg police. While they are there to help you, anything you say in the statement could be used against you in the courtroom. So, exchange insurance information and contact information in all situations involving pedestrian accidents, but do not say more than necessary.

Contact your Lawyer. Once everyone is taken care of and the police have asked their necessary questions, it is time to contact your lawyer. Always speak to your attorney before answering the questions of the insurance companies involved and never provide a statement for lawyers other than your own.