Seasonal Depression: Are You Increasing Your Risk of Stroke and Lawsuits?

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Personal Injury LawyerIn the last post, I discussed recent research that provided evidence of even the smallest stroke causing lasting damage to brain tissue. Through the study of rats, scientists were able to show, conclusively, that minor strokes harmed areas of the brain in much the same way that dementia would, which could lead to notable differences in behavior.

During the same span of time, another group of researchers were busy tracking the medical histories of over 4,000 older Americans. Each participant provided a detailed medical background, but they were also asked to answer some basic questions about their day-to-day life, including their mental and emotional state.

During the time of the study, more than ten percent of the patients suffered strokes and more than three percent were fatally impacted. Even after ruling out other known factors, researchers determined that emotional distress and depression substantially increased the risk of stroke.

If you find it difficult to be happy, if you suffer from more headaches or increased pain during the winter months, or if you find yourself fatigued a large portion of each day, then you may be suffering from depression, possibly seasonal depression.

Even in St. Petersburg, where the climate is favorable, many people contend with seasonal depression, which could impact their chances of having a stroke, thereby increasing the risk of permanent damage to brain tissue. If you are among those Saint Petersburg residents all-too- familiar with the symptoms of depression, get help. Failing to have depression treated can also impact the likelihood that you wind up in a lawsuit.

Every year there are reports of drivers suffering strokes and causing accidents as a result.

Depression impacts cognitive function and can lead to serious errors at work that put others in harm’s way.

Fatigue, a symptom of seasonal depression, causes millions of car accidents each year.

Severely depressed individuals are more likely to cause harm to others and themselves.

If your emotional condition resulted in an accident, or you were injured as a result of someone else’s mood changes, contact a personal injury attorney to learn more about your rights.