When Does Luxurious Comfort Turn Frightening?

When Does Luxurious Comfort Turn Frightening?

Personal Injury LawyerImagine the peace and serenity that one can find in a Saint Petersburg spa. Light, bright, and well-scented, such places bring one to a place of absolute tranquility and then the masseuse calls.

As sore, tired muscles are kneaded into a state of pure relaxation, one can barely recall the stresses of day-to-day life. What could possibly make such a moment into something akin to a nightmare?

To get the answer to that question, one only has to consider the recent lawsuits filed in Miami, Florida (just a few hours from beautiful St. Petersburg) against a very popular golf resort and spa.

In addition to five meticulously maintained world-class golf courses, this resort has nearly 700 rooms for those who want to enjoy the luxurious environment for days on end and it also features a number of spa packages.

A day at Doral Golf Resort and Spa was once the picture of perfection, moving a person straight from a Turkish salt scrub to Detox Body Wrap and, finally, on to a deep tissue massage. Fifty minutes of the latter pleasure costs guests $150.

Of course, the unnamed plaintiff in a recently filed lawsuit suggests that this money was refunded to her when the masseuse, John Pacheco took it a step too far.

This case is just one of the six lawsuits currently filed against Doral. The plaintiff, in this particular case, has accused Pacheco of touching her breasts and genitals with sexual intent during her purchased massage.

While the resort was quick to refund the woman’s money upon her reporting this incident, immediately after her session, they allowed the masseuse to maintain his position with the highly acclaimed facility. No claims were filed with the Florida Department of Health until the lawsuits were filed.

Sexual assault is considered a very serious claim among personal injury attorneys. Respect to others’ bodies is essential, particularly in Pacheco’s role. The accused actions of the man take away the peace and relaxation that is supposed to come with a spa treatment. Worse yet, the emotional impact on a sexual assault victim can continue long after a court case is settled.