Monster Truck, Monster Responsibilities

Monster Truck, Monster Responsibilities

The news hit the web over the weekend and people have been talking ever since about the monster truck accident that left more than 20 people with injuries. Three people were killed during the event in the Netherlands, when the giant truck toppled five parked cars and sped into the audience. Among those who lost their life was one small child.

Those in attendance at the event were, of course, excited to see the truck take its mark at the end of the line of five vehicles. The driver hesitated to build suspense, as audience members raised their video recorders and cell phones to capture images of the monster crushing metal. What those holding the cameras didn’t expect was that they would capture footage of three people being killed.

The organization responsible for running the event did little to protect against such an accident. The large trucks were so close to the audience members that one can pick out nearly every detail on the truck in the videos. Furthermore, all that separated the excited fans from the destructive machine was a small, moveable metal fence.

Five of the people injured in this accident were airlifted to nearby medical facilities. All were considered to have very severe injuries. Images and videos are available all over the internet today, as families, friends, and people all over the world try to make sense of the accident.

Monster truck shows are familiar events here in St. Petersburg. Since the 1960s, modified trucks have sparked interest in the general public. It was in 1981, 33 years ago, that driver Bob Chandler drove his monster over a series of parked cars. Though this was only meant to be a promotional stunt, videoed in a studio, audiences were craving the action. So, Chandler took the truck before a live audience and ever since, monster truck drivers have been crushing cars beneath giant tires. Since the day that Bigfoot earned its nickname for the tremendous footprint it created, people everywhere have been cheering on the sport. In fact, Monster Jam is scheduled to visit Tampa, Florida on January 17, 2015.

The all-access pass to this event, which includes primo seats, as well as a meet-and-greet with the drivers, is now on sale for $100. However, many are wondering what kind of backlash the monster truck community will suffer as a result of this recent event. After all, this will undoubtedly make parents think twice before bringing kids, and front row seats may not be so highly valued any longer.

Surely the monster truck tours, in the future, will involve greater security measures. By the January 17 show, when the 1,500 horsepower vehicles arrive in the Saint Petersburg area, there will likely be reports of personal injury attorneys helping the victims of this crash. Undoubtedly, something is owed to the families who will grieve as a result of the monster rally. The others, whose lives were spared, will likely be facing mounting medical bills as they attempt to heal the injuries suffered.