Obedience Training for Dogs: Why It Is Essential

Obedience Training for Dogs: Why It Is Essential

Personal InjuryAs a personal injury attorney, I have encountered many situations involving serious and even life-threatening dog attacks. While most dogs are fantastic pets and can become a full fledged member of the family with little threat of harm, all dogs are animals and, therefore, will react instinctively to certain stimuli. Obedience training for dogs is therefore, always essential for safety.

Dogs Respond to Stress. Consider how you feel when your boss puts undue pressure on you with tight deadlines, long hours, and unfair demands. Think about how you felt the last time someone snuck up on you or you found yourself in a frightening situation. Picture the most difficult person you have ever met and how enraged you felt in having to deal with him or her.

These are all stressful situations and your body reacts as a result of the anxiety. When faced with the unknown or when overwhelmed, it is more likely that a person will react irrationally or out of character. The same is true of a dog.

Dogs are unable to reason; therefore, they cannot make sense of situations as easily as humans. As a result, a normal, everyday situation for a person can be highly stressful for a dog. Meeting new people, traveling, or being introduced to other animals can fill your pet with anxiety and that, unfortunately, can lead him or her to act out aggressively. It only takes one bad act to condemn an animal for life.

Obedience Training Reduces Stress. Working with a dog on certain behaviors can reduce the chances of a poor reaction by the animal when placed in unfamiliar surroundings. If you do not have experience training dogs, then it is wise to consult a professional in St. Petersburg for assistance. Proper training now will lead to lifelong dependability.

Among other things, your dog should learn to follow commands, to allow you to lead when walking on a leash, to ignore distractions (such as other dogs) when out and about, and to sit calmly at your side when you stop walking.

In addition to learning new skills, your dog will be happier for having the comfort of a strong leader. As well, proper obedience training will teach your dog to behave under your commands and will teach you to deal with the animal without resorting to yelling or physical punishment.

Knowing Your Dog. While Saint Petersburg dog obedience classes can do a lot to modify your dog’s behavior and reduce the anxiety he or she feels when away from the comfort and quiet of home, it is not entirely foolproof. It is important to learn your dog’s habits after training and understand what situations are best avoided. For the safety of your pet and innocent bystanders, it may be necessary to ask others not to pet him, to keep children at a distance, or to avoid areas heavily populated by other dogs. This is especially true if the dog showcases aggressive behaviors when placed in such a situation, even after a reputable obedience training class.

It is very important for pet owners to understand the responsibility that comes with the adoption of a pet. Animal bites can seriously harm and even kill people. If your dog should react poorly in a stressful situation and bite someone, it could cost you a great deal of money and time spent in the courtroom. The outcome for your dog could be even worse.

Paying for obedience training isn’t just a wise investment, it can be the difference between life and death.