Plastic Surgery – The Hidden Dangers

Plastic Surgery – The Hidden Dangers

Medical MalpracticeA recent USA Today article suggested that arm lift procedures are up 4000 percent, as women become increasingly concerned about how their arms look. Plastic surgery, in general, has been increasing in popularity for the past two decades for a variety of different reasons, but understanding the dangers associated with it is essential before you talk to a plastic surgeon.

Infection – Any surgery makes you more susceptible to an infection. Whether you have an allergic reaction to a material or medication used during your surgery or you end up fighting an infection after the surgery, that tummy tuck or breast lift could leave you with thousands in medical bills and lots of time off work.

Medical Error – Things happen during surgery. One New England Journal of Medicine study suggested that one in four hospital patients suffer problems as the result of a medical error. It could be something that happens during surgery or it could be a problem while you’re in recovery. Any time you’re entering a hospital for any reason, there’s a 25% chance that you’re going to be the victim of an error.

The Surgical Risks May Not Be Explained To You – If you were trying to sell someone a car, you might be tempted to avoid disclosing the problems you’ve had with it. Your surgeon may not be completely straight with you regarding the medical risks, either.

One study suggested that plastic surgeons routinely fail to disclose all of the potential risks to help patients decide to go ahead with the surgery. They have a financial interest in making certain you have that surgery, so they may not be the best person to let you know about all of the risks involved.

Plastic surgery is dangerous. While there are lots of great surgeons out there, understanding the dangers before you get involved is key to your health and well being.