Poconos Truck Accident is Reminder for Care on the Roads

Poconos Truck Accident is Reminder for Care on the Roads

truck-delivery-1042539-mIt was an accident near the Pocono Mountains recently that brought us around to this blog post.  Trucking accidents are notoriously dangerous occurrences.  Not only are the men and women behind the wheel carrying tens of thousands of pounds behind them at any given time, but the goods contained within these trucks are often equally as dangerous.  This Poconos truck accident serves as a reminder of these facts.

It was not a toxic or flammable substance at play in the Pennsylvania accident, fortunately, but even without that element, the massive truck did some serious damage when it ran into a bus in a head-on collision.

The bus had several passengers on board when it departed from New York, en route to Niagara Falls.  It didn’t make it far into its journey, however, before the crash occurred. According to those on the scene, the passengers who were able to walk away, did so covered in blood and in a state of shock.  They were still the lucky ones, as the majority of those on board were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.  Three were not even that fortunate.  And, three families are now left to mourn the loss of loved ones.

According to police reports, there was a second tractor trailer involved, but as we write this, there is not a lot of information regarding that piece of the puzzle.

Though this accident took place in Pennsylvania, many hundreds of miles away from our St. Petersburg homes, we are touched by the stories of the victims.  This story reminds us that we are never truly safe on the road.  While we may be in a carefree state, prepared to enjoy an adventure, accidents do happen and that can leave our lives hanging in the balance.

Remember, as you leave for your own vacation, before you even step foot from your Saint Petersburg home, that tractor trailer drivers are often on the road for ten or more hours per day.  This is often in addition to the hours spent packing and preparing for the trip.

These men and women are often exhausted, and in many cases, have been severely overworked by employers.  These trucks are large and designed to carry much freight; the more freight, the more profit.  The organizations with faulty morals would not hesitate to put off costly repairs, and may not feel bad about pushing the boundaries on the time limits set by the law for truck drivers.  Additionally, when vehicles are travelling hundreds of miles per day, it can be difficult to predict when a part might fail.  A blown tire, faulty brakes, or other such complications can make it difficult, if not nearly impossible for the driver to control the truck.

While it is not yet clear what caused the accident in the Poconos, it is clear that truck accidents can be devastating, and that we should be aware of the burdens placed on these drivers as they cart large loads around the country.  As a driver, you must be respectful, but you must also be aware of the warning signs that a driver is having trouble.

If you are involved in a truck accident, it is important to speak to a personal injury attorney.  There is much that goes into determining who is at fault in an accident like this.  A professional has the experience and will know where to seek the evidence that can be used to build a strong case.