Would it Really be Wrong to Return that Holiday Gift?

Would it Really be Wrong to Return that Holiday Gift?

Personal Injury LawyerWith the holidays behind us, there are many individuals considering the moral implications of returning a gift.

However, there are instances when exchanging a gift is not only acceptable, but highly recommended. Did you receive any of the following in 2012?

Fisher-Price recently recalled approximately 800,000 Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleepers after it was discovered that they promote mold growth. There were several reports of related respiratory conditions in young children using the product. If your child received one as a holiday gift, feel free to return it – you should! Though the manufacturing facility is located in New York, the product was sold throughout the country, including St. Petersburg.

Who would complain about getting a brand new washing machine under the tree? However, if you were the recipient of an LG Top-loading Washing Machine, any personal injury attorney would recommend that you bring it back to the store for a refund.

LG Electronics Inc. had to recall more than 450,000 machines after it was discovered that they were prone to excessive shaking when running unbalanced loads. The shaking was enough to knock objects off nearby walls. The recall was issued just days before Christmas, which means that at least a few of these machines were likely given during the holiday season.

One day before the LG recall, another company going by the name of Dunecraft faced a massive recall. The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) forced the recall of more than 90,000 Water Balz and other such toys when it was found that they were easily swallowed. Once ingested the toys were likely to expand and lead to life threatening dehydration and intestinal blockage.

Please return toys made by this manufacturer. There is no moral dilemma to face when your child’s life is at risk. The toys were sold at stores throughout the country, including several in and around Saint Petersburg.