Reduce Your Risk of a Premises Liability Florida Claim

Reduce Your Risk of a Premises Liability Florida Claim

caution-tripping-hazard-1439458-mIf you are going into business, or relocating your existing company, then you will want to carefully consider how you design your public space to ensure that you are discouraging slip and fall accidents. This is something that a lot of entrepreneurs and office space designers overlook, yet such an accident on your commercial property can cost your company dearly in a Premises Liability Florida Claim. Millions of dollars are paid out every year as a result of slips and falls. Caught off guard by a slippery surface, an obstacle in an aisle, or a hole in a concrete sidewalk, a person can do serious damage to his or her body. Broken legs, dislocated shoulders, and hip fractures are among some of the more common injuries that can result. If you think the expense associated with these relatively common wounds is minimal, think again. The cost of a cast is expensive enough, but should the injury require surgical correction, physical therapy, and a prescription or two, then medical bills can mount quickly. Add to that the fact that a break or fracture can take a person out of the work force for a couple of weeks or more, and you are also looking at a good amount of lost wages.

In order to reduce the chances of a personal injury lawsuit for your St. Petersburg company, consider these office design tips.

Choose Flooring Wisely. While an area rug in the lobby might look beautiful and inviting, the corners can easily turn up and become major tripping hazards. A freshly waxed tile floor looks gorgeous, but when it becomes wet, it can be ridiculously slippery.

Keep it Clean. When stressing about taxes due in Saint Petersburg, inventory needed, and upcoming marketing campaigns, it can be easy to forget the housekeeping necessities. Things out of place, lobby floors slick with mud tracked in by visitors, or bathroom stalls littered with sheets of toilet paper can become serious hazards.

Execute Regular Repairs. Putting off a big repair because of the cost? It might be minimal compared to the potential expense tied to facing off with a personal injury attorney in court. Such a lawsuit can cost a company a significant amount of time and resources, especially if the judge or jury feel that it was gross negligence at play. If you are avoiding making a repair that could be considered a hazard, then you are taking a substantial risk.

Look at the Forecast. Rain and mud are big issues for businesses in this area. The wet shoes of visitors carry moisture onto landings and into the building. The resulting slick surfaces can be very dangerous, particularly when people are coming and going in a hurry. Be sure that you are prepared for such circumstances. Wet floor signs, non-slip mats, and other such precautions can be worth a great deal for your business.

Know the Laws. Knowing what your responsibilities are as a commercial property owner is very important. Knowledge is power, and it is the best way to prevent costly incidents. If you are well-educated about the potential risks, then you can take the proper precautions, keep your patrons safe, and avoid a financially devastating personal injury lawsuit.

If you are preparing to make a move, or to start a new company, then we wish you the very best. Be aware of what risks you take by inviting others to visit your space and do your best to mitigate that danger.

If you are the victim of such an accident, contact a personal injury attorney about your rights. It may be possible to collect the financial compensation needed to cover the costs of medical care and lost wages.