Do You Have Road Rage?

Do You Have Road Rage?

rage-2-831837-mThere was a lot of talk a few years ago about the dangers of road rage, but then the talk fizzled out. Still, though, anger on the roadways has led to many very serious offenses. People have been seriously injured in car accidents because a frustrated individual acted rashly, and people have been killed when others have acted out in more violent ways. It is important to recognize the warning signs from other drivers, but also from yourself. If you are having a bad day and react in a negative way to something that provokes you, while behind the wheel, it can land you in serious trouble. Such actions have landed St. Petersburg drivers behind bars and have forced victims to seek the advice of personal injury attorneys after suffering serious injury or the loss of loved ones.

Don’t think you have road rage? You might be a prime candidate and not even realize it if you are partaking in the following actions:

    Tailgating. It can be infuriating to ride behind someone who is travelling under the posted speed limit in good weather conditions. Most drivers huff and puff a bit when someone cuts them off on the road. It is a horrible feeling when you realize that you can’t get over to get off at your desired exit because of the car ahead of you. Yet, none of these are good reasons to tailgate. This bad driving behavior puts everyone involved at great risk. If you are doing so, you are showing signs of road rage.
    Unnecessary Honking. Do you use your horn on the highways on a somewhat regular basis? This device is meant to be used to issue a warning to others who don’t see you, or who may be in danger without realizing it. Unfortunately, some people use it as a form of aggression on the roads. It is a road rage red flag.
    Offensive Hand Gestures and Foul Language. Even if the person cannot hear the threats that you are screaming in his or her direction, they can be harmful. If you cannot help yourself and must resort to negative hand gestures and bad language, then you are letting your temper get the best of you.

Road rage is a threat to you and your loved ones when others are directing it at you. However, it is just as dangerous when you are the one demonstrating anger on the highways of Saint Petersburg. When you place yourself and all those nearby at great risk because you are letting anger rule you, you aren’t focusing on safety. Personal injury law protects the victims of road rage related accidents. You could find yourself facing a judge and jury, you could wind up in the hospital, in jail, or in the graveyard. It simply isn’t worth it.

If you are finding it difficult to remain calm on the highway, consider the changes that can be made in your life to reduce driving stress. For one thing, leave earlier to avoid the need to hurry to your intended destinations. It might also be wise to travel back roads, rather than highways whenever possible. Fewer cars on the road mean fewer potential irritants. Listen to calming music when you drive. Fast beats can put you on alert and increase the chances of you acting on your frustration. Resorting to rage can also be a sign of fatigue. Be sure that you are getting adequate sleep. With all of these efforts made, if you are still finding yourself in a worked-up state while driving, consider speaking to someone about other stress relief techniques.