Slip and Fall Accident Kills Young Actor

Slip and Fall Accident Kills Young Actor

behind-the-yellow-line-523027-mIn recent news, a young man named Greg Plitt was shooting a commercial for a sports drink when his life was claimed suddenly by a train in a slip and fall accident. Making a play on the saying that Superman is as strong as a speeding locomotive, the commercial was to feature Plitt acting like Superman beside a train. Unfortunately, the scene was not set quite right. The conditions were dangerous enough that the actor made a misstep and wound up falling in the path of the locomotive. He was pronounced dead an the scene.

While it was once far more common, death by train accident is not nearly as common today. What is far too typical is the slip and fall accident on a work site. On the job accidents occur every day. Fortunately, most victims are able to walk away with their lives intact, but there are always the tragic stories intermingled, like this one of a fitness star cut down far too early in his life.

Whether you work in St. Petersburg on a construction site, or in Los Angeles on a highly involved movie set, there is always a chance that you could fall victim to unnecessary risks. Job site accidents are most common in “high risk” positions, which is why certain industries are so frequently highlighted for this reason. Careers in construction, mining, or transportation do carry higher risks; however, there should be training systems and operations standards in place to better ensure the health and safety of workers. It is when employers overlook these matters, and people are hurt on the job, that legal issues can arise.

According to L.A. sources, the actor will not have a case against employers or the train company, as they did not have permission to film near live tracks. The train operator was not aware that filming would be taking place and, therefore, wouldn’t have had the foresight to watch for an accidental trip and fall like this.

Today, companies make big efforts to keep job sites safe for employees. Poor decisions can be made, on the part of the employer or the worker, which lead to continued injuries and fatalities. Despite the changes enacted by organizations such as OSHA, there continue to be horrific stories, like that of Greg Plitt. People continue to be harmed while working for the income they need to survive. Those injuries and deaths leave people and their families with serious financial burdens – thousands upon thousands of dollars’ worth of lost wages, medical bills climbing nearly as high, and, of course, there is the emotional burden to be considered.

There are times, such as this instance, when you would not be covered, should you be harmed while on the job. It is important to understand that if you choose to work outside the job description and without the permission of your employer, you may not be able to sue for injuries suffered in an accident. While taking chances at work can pay off, if the boss sees it as going above and beyond the call of duty, it can also result in devastating consequences with life-altering effects.

Nevertheless, if you have, like Greg Plitt, suffered an accident while at work, it is a good idea to consult a Saint Petersburg personal injury attorney. It may be possible to collect compensation, and these lawyers are trained to evaluate the circumstances to determine where the fault lies.