How Stress Causes Car Accidents

How Stress Causes Car Accidents

is-it-friday-yet-704781-mWhether you are on the road because you have a date with a friend outside Saint Petersburg or it is your job to regularly navigate the highways of this country, stress can work against you as you strive to arrive at your destination on time and in one piece. There aren’t many reliable statistics when it comes to stressed driving because it is difficult to measure how much internal pressure a person was facing before a crash.  However, it is known to cause many of the symptoms commonly connected to auto accidents in America.  If you find yourself a victim of this type of situation, contact a personal injury attorney.

The fact that stress can cause accidents is easy to understand when one considers how the body responds to it.  It is generally accepted that there are three manners in which a person might react to stresses in life.  He may become overly agitated, in which case he is likely to act aggressively on the road and be too antsy to make wise decisions.  Another person may respond in an opposite manner, shutting down instead.  This person becomes depressed and is likely to space out while driving, failing to see potential obstacles until it is too late.  The third type of response is a combination of the first two, which is to say that outwardly, the person appears subdued, but he is just as likely to react aggressively when provoked.

Stress has been linked to many physical responses.  Those most likely to play a part in a car accident are the associated memory problems, an inability to concentrate, poor decision-making, fatigue, and the increased likelihood of consuming alcohol or partaking in recreational drug use.

Avoid the Avoidable. In order to reduce stress and the risks that you face on the road, you must make a few changes in your way of thinking.  The most important thing to do is cut out unnecessary risk.  Much of the pressure that we face in our day-to-day lives could be avoided if we learned to say no from time to time.  There are things in life that we have to do and there are other things that we do out of some level of perceived obligation.  However, the added stress is not always worth the gain achieved, so know when to turn someone down.  If you are facing a lot of stress and it can’t be handed off, be vocal about what is upsetting you.  A kind and mature discussion is much healthier than bottling that stress.

Look Beyond the Stressors. When stress is unavoidable, do your best to mitigate it with positive thinking.  This will ease the physical response and reduce your risk of a foolish mistake on the road.  After all, “I was stressed” is not a claim that will hold up in court, against a personal injury attorney.  Positive thinking is simply the ability to see the big picture rather than focusing on the negative details.  You love your job, but you got a crappy assignment; don’t let it eat at you.  A fight with a loved one is likely temporary and there are surely a lot of happy memories that can be recalled.  It is important to understand that there will always be things in life that are out of your control, but positive thinking can get you through without feeling the effect of excessive stress and that can be the difference between life and death as you head out on the St. Petersburg highways.