The Horrible Side of Being Right … Fireworks Gone Wrong

The Horrible Side of Being Right … Fireworks Gone Wrong

lighter-fireworks-1-1415123-mA young boy suffered the consequences of correct predictions.  The Fourth of July holiday is one that millions look forward to, as a time to celebrate and enjoy friends and family.  However, it is also, for too many families each year, a time of devastation.  Experts are regularly predicting the number of injuries and deaths that will occur annually, as a result of improper fireworks usage.  Even before the Fourth had come and gone, the first reports were making headlines.

The victim, in this case was a 12-year-old native of Nashville, Tennessee.  The story of this tragic loss was reported by CBS News on June 29, five full days before the formal holiday even began.  The police were still investigating the report, as these first stories leaked of the young boy playing with mortar-style fireworks.  Why he was handling them, and who was with him as he did so was not clear.  What was known was that the firework was lit and exploded in his hand.  The impact hit him square in the chest and was simply too much for his small frame to come back from.

The boy was, reportedly, among a group of friends, though who was in charge of supervising the kids was, again, not clear.  While possessing such fireworks is not illegal, it is against the law to purchase them, sell them, or light them off in the area where the boy and his friends were.  It is clear that someone will have to explain how these kids were allowed access.  After all, these laws are in place because fireworks are known to be dangerous, potentially fatal instruments if not properly managed.

This is only one example of how devastating the bright lights associated with the Fourth of July can be.  Suddenly, they appear a bit dimmer, as families are left to mourn those they love.  That boy was a son, a brother, and a friend.  He will undoubtedly be missed, and it must be heartbreaking to know that the whole event could have been prevented.

The family in charge of watching the children, or who provided access to the fireworks, may face legal ramifications – both criminal and civil.  It is not yet clear if the family of the deceased boy will seek damages.

Keep in mind, on your own St. Petersburg property, that should children access dangerous materials, like fireworks, you could be held responsible for the damages suffered in such an accident.  All it would take is for the family of the child harmed to hire a Saint Petersburg personal injury attorney and file a lawsuit for negligence because you failed to secure the dangerous items in a location not accessible to children.

If it is you or your family member harmed in such a way, as a result of another person’s negligence, you do have the same right to seek legal assistance.  You must prove that the other party was responsible for the accident that caused you damages, and that you have documentable financial losses as a result.  This could be the medical expenses and lost wages that come as a result of a serious accident.  Remember, though, please, that when it comes to fireworks – including those left over from the Fourth of July – the price of the fireworks could also involve the cost of a funeral.