Time to Take a Vacation: Where are You Going to Go?

Time to Take a Vacation: Where are You Going to Go?

rafting-1317340-mIt’s time to hit the road again and take your family on a wonderful trip to create lasting memories.  This year, there is a trend among many households that families opt to skip the beach and seek adventure.  This personal injury attorney wants to provide you the inspiration that you need to find your great escape, while also reminding you to be very careful on the highways.

Zip-lining and Ropes Courses. One of the activities enjoying a great increase in attention in recent years is zip-lining.  The ability to soar through the tree tops, like a bird in flight, can be exhilarating.  Ropes courses are popping up all over the country. The great part is that you can choose a destination close to your Saint Petersburg home or thousands of miles away and enjoy a thrilling experience with those you love.  Just be sure that you choose a facility that has a positive reputation for safety and well-trained guides.  Adventure doesn’t come without risk, but that is a big part of the attraction for millions of Americans.

Waterparks. A bit cliché, but still a big favorite among American families, the waterpark is still attracting large crowds this summer.  The ability to race down taller-than-ever waterslides, splash around in power-generated waves, and receive a shower from a giant bucket overhead is enough to entice young and old alike.

Whitewater Rafting. Ah! Definitely a bigger source of risk, whitewater rafting has been a big attraction for thrill seekers for generations.  Please be very careful, choose a highly experienced guide, and follow all the rules if you intend to take your St. Petersburg family on one of these fast-paced adventures.

Hiking and Mountain Climbing. For beginners, there are the manmade rock walls, but they don’t come with the fresh air, the wildlife, or the tremendous views at the top.  For this reason, many are still flocking to hillsides throughout the country and beyond for a chance to conquer Mother Nature (at least a small piece of her magnificence).

Rappelling. Since you have already made it to the top of the mountain, you’ll have to come down anyway, so you might as well rappel. Many have fallen for the controlled descent from vast heights.

All of these vacations and similar experiences are drawing parents and their kids away from the beach with a thirst for true adventure.  While there is a great deal of fun to be had, and a great opportunity to build a stronger family bond, there are also vast risks assumed.  The best way to mitigate these dangers is to ensure you are backed by professional, trained guides and equipped with the proper, certified protective gear.  Life is best enjoyed to the fullest, so long as you are aware that it can come to an abrupt and tragic end when safety is overlooked.

If you are misled or improperly cared for while at an adventure facility, then speak to an attorney about your rights.  These activities can cause severe and lasting injuries when the guides or management are negligent.  You don’t have to pay for your experience more than once.  Get the financial reimbursement needed to cover medical care and lost wages.