Truck Accident Lawsuits: Should You File A Claim?

Truck Accident Lawsuits: Should You File A Claim?

truck-grill-9949-mThere are so many questions that assault the brain after a person suffers a car accident in St. Petersburg, Florida.  The aftermath can be devastating, leaving loved ones seriously injured, cars totaled, and survivors grieving permanent losses.  When that accident involves a commercial truck, the damages are often even more substantial. Should you file a truck accident lawsuit?

It is important to understand as an accident victim that the term “commercial truck” could apply to something as small as a pick-up.  Any truck used for the purposes of doing business, however, in most accident cases, refers to larger vehicles, such as tractor trailers, delivery vehicles, and freight carriers.  These vehicles would not be confused with a typical passenger vehicle and are meant to do specific jobs.

The reason why the larger vehicles are tied to so many personal injury claims is because of their sheer amount of physical mass.  When loaded, a large truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds.  So, being hit by one of these massive trucks is like being run over by ten elephants, but those elephants would have to be running at highway speeds, in many instances.

It is easy to understand how so much mass could cause serious damage on a Saint Petersburg highway.  Due to their immense size, these trucks are more difficult to operate than a traditional passenger car, which is why they need a special license to operate them.  The drivers face reduced visibility, special braking systems, and much slower acceleration capabilities.  When the driver is new to the profession, or is having a bad day, accidents can and do occur.

There are many reasons why a truck accident might occur.  All too often, it is the result of the trucks being poorly loaded.  When the weight of the cargo is not managed properly, it can make it very difficult for the driver to operate the vehicle.  In other instances, poor maintenance of the truck or trailer is to blame.  Still, in other cases, an overworked driver may not have been given enough time off between runs, which led to him being drowsy behind the wheel.

The decision to file a claim against the trucking company should be based on many things.  It will be the responsibility of the victim, the plaintiff, to prove that the trucker was at fault, or that some mechanical failure on the truck led to the accident.  It will also have to be proven that there were medical expenses, repair costs, or lost wages associated with the accident.

It is important as well to understand that there can be many factors that lead to an accident.  Naming the right defendant in a case is paramount to your success.  If road conditions were to blame, for instance, it might be the city, town, or state that would be considered the negligent party, for failing to properly maintain the highways.

For all of these reasons, the legal community highly recommends hiring a personal injury attorney.  These professionals can help you determine what exactly was at play at the time of the accident that might have caused the crash to occur, and whether those circumstances will entitle you to collect compensation from a negligent party. Before you make any official decisions, collect all the evidence surrounding your situation and make an appointment with a lawyer.  Get answers to your questions, and receive help filing a worthwhile claim.