Watch Those Recall Lists!

Watch Those Recall Lists!

hand-reaching-out-605029-mMost consumers operate under the assumption that the products they buy are safe. After all, they’ve been tested and re-tested for safety and quality, right? Well, not always. Sometimes products that get the green light for sales aren’t all that safe, and, unfortunately, thousands of people across the country find out about this the hard way each year. When an unsafe product has a design flaw that leads to injuries or even death, recalls and even lawsuits are often the results. To keep your family safe and avoid becoming another statistic, pay attention to recall lists! Here are some of the top recalls in recent weeks to watch for.

Comfort Research Bean Bag Chairs
Bean bag chairs are the ultimate in comfort for just lounging around the house, but you need to watch out for design flaws that can lead to injury or even death. The bean bags by Comfort Research were recently recalled due to possible entrapment and suffocation dangers. The zippers on the chairs can be opened by children, who then crawl inside and risk becoming trapped, suffocated, or choking on the foam beads inside.

Keurig MINI Plus Brewing Systems
Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee in the morning? Even with the warm St. Petersburg weather, a cup of joe is many folks’ idea of starting the day off right. However, if you’ve recently purchased a Keurig MINI, you need to be aware of the possibility of burns. This product was recently recalled because the water inside can overheat, spray out, and burn consumers.

UVEX Bicycle Helmets
With so many bicyclists on the road these days, the numbers of people injured or worse in a biking accident are steadily rising each year – even right here in Saint Petersburg. Wearing a helmet can dramatically improve your odds of walking away unscathed – but the helmet needs to function properly in order to help you. The UVEX bicycle helmet was recalled earlier this month for two reasons: the chinstrap anchor may fail, causing the helmet to fall off your head, and the helmet does not meet proper impact requirements.

Graco Strollers
Last November, Graco recalled 11 different stroller models, including the Sierra, Sterling, Cirrus, Glider, Capri, Breeze, Aspen, LiteRider, Solara, Kite, TravelMate Model Strollers and Travel Systems. These models were found to have faulty folding hinges on the sides which can pinch children’s fingers, causing lacerations or even amputation.

Ethan Allen Floor Lamp
If you recently purchased a floor lamp from Ethan Allen, you need to see if it’s the Harwood model. This model has been linked to electrical shock, as the line cord insulation has been found to be defective.

4Seasons Folding Chair
Sold by Ross Stores, the 4Seasons Folding Lounge Chair poses a fall risk to people looking for a comfortable place to sit. The chair has been reported to tip or recline back too quickly, resulting in at least five falls by consumers.

These are just a few examples of some of the latest recalls. If you have any of these products and have experienced malfunction or injury, a personal injury attorney can help you navigate the muddy waters of product liability. If none of these products ring a bell, count yourself as lucky – but be sure to pay attention to recall lists to keep yourself safe from other faulty products.