Florida Hurricane Insurance Claim Checklist

Learn How to File a Claim If Your Florida Home has Hurricane Damage

Hurricane season is a stressful time for those of us living along the coast. Storm surges and high winds can bring unexpected damage to our property and our belongings inside of them — often making us wonder what to do next.

Don’t get caught up in a back and forth with your insurance company. Download the hurricane insurance checklist to get our industry expertise on the best way to handle hurricane claims — both before and after the storm passes — and keep it handy to ensure you’re covered.

Case Results

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Denied Water Damage Claim

Our client’s business was flooded when a pump failed during a hurricane, shutting down the business’s ability to generate income until repairs were complete.  The insurance company denied the claim based on exclusions in the policy for water damage.  We sued the insurance company and were able to recover $190,000.

Initial Position

Claim Denied


Daytona Hurricane Claim

Our clients’ home in Daytona Beach was damaged by Hurricane Matthew.  Their insurance company paid about $24,000 for the damage, but refused to pay more.  After hiring a different lawyer and litigating for more than a year, the clients chose to hire Herman & Wells and within a few months, we resolved their case for a payment of an additional $100,000.

Initial Position

$24,000 paid


Our Law Firm’s 3 Step Process

Pay NOTHING unless we get you money. Call (727) 821-3195 now for a free consultation with no strings attached. If your hurricane insurance claim was denied or underpaid, don’t stop fighting.

  1. 1. Tell us what happened
  2. 2. We fight
    for you
  3. 3. You only pay if we win