Why Do Babies Instinctively Fear Heights?

Why Do Babies Instinctively Fear Heights?

all-downhill-from-here-1186905-mFrom a very early age, children know to fear heights.  This isn’t something that is learned with age, though the fear can become substantially worse as we lose that sense of invincibility that we enjoy in our grade school years. There is good reason, however, to fear heights.  Consider these stories, and you will no longer wonder why babies know, so early on, that falling is worthy of nightmares.

A 16-year-old girl is the main character in this first scenario.  Only this isn’t a tale and the girl is not fictional.  She fell from a 20-foot ledge as she walked through the woods near a condo complex.  She was with a group of friends, enjoying a night around a bonfire, and likely sipping on the same bottle of alcohol that the others were found in possession of, though reports indicate that she had no alcohol in her system when tested.  It was very likely that she found herself at the bottom of the cliff, stuck between two boulders because she ran from police that happened to crash the party.  She was in pretty rough shape when the police found her.  It took 20 minutes for rescue teams to stabilize her so she could be moved.  There was no further information about her current condition, but you can read more of the story at CBS Local.

Certainly one can see an accident like that occurring in St. Petersburg, where teens notoriously take risks. And, unfortunately, the next narrative, one of a sweet 12-year-old girl, is another that could hit close to home.  Police report that the child could not be revived after falling into the Naugatuck River in Connecticut. She lost her balance and slipped in while sitting with a group of friends on the bank.  She was pulled from the water, after being carried half a mile downstream, but was pronounced dead at a hospital shortly thereafter. The police on the scene reported that there were no adults present with the children.  The horrific report was released by News Times.

But it is not just kids that suffer serious accidents like these.  Whether here in Saint Petersburg or across the seas, adults and kids alike are susceptible to injuries after suffering a fall.  Another unfortunate accident took place in England, where a girl was finally able to meet the man that she fell in love with online.  They had been communicating for a long span of time, when the young man decided to make the trip from South Africa.  Together they toured her home town for two days, but on the second day, tragedy struck.  While taking in the view of the village from a rocky cliff, she took a wrong step and the Earth gave way beneath her.  It was too late for him to reach her and she plummeted to her death.  It may sound like a horror story, but it was reality.

That’s just it; you never know when an accident may happen, and what the consequences may be.  These tragedies really do occur, and in some cases they are not preventable.  In other cases, the whole horrible ordeal could have been prevented.  When negligence (for instance, leaving kids unattended on a riverbank) was at play, then victims and their families have a right to seek compensation for any associated financial losses.  Speak to a personal injury attorney because you shouldn’t have to pay in more ways than one.