13 Things You Can Do To Avoid The Courtroom

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Personal Injury LawyerWith the New Year upon us, there is a lot to be thankful for and certainly some changes that could be made to better ourselves.

As you consider these matters, also think about your habits and how they increase or decrease the likelihood that you end up in front of a judge. To avoid a personal injury lawsuit in 2013:

Be Safe on the Road. Whether you are close to home in Saint Petersburg or traveling hundreds of miles away, be aware of how your actions on the road can impact others’ lives and also understand how those outcomes would look before a judge and jury.

Keep Your Home in Good Repair. A broken step, a low hanging beam, or a slippery patch on your driveway is all that it takes for you to wind up as the defendant in a personal injury case.

Ensure the Cleanliness of Your Business. Owners of businesses are at substantially more risk of lawsuits, especially if they open their workspace to the public. Be sure that the potential dangers are minimized by keeping the space clean, organized, and free of clutter.

Invest in Signs. Any personal injury attorney will tell you that the best way to avoid a lawsuit is to warn any and all visitors of potential risks. Signs, caution tape, and even waivers to be signed are just good business.

Check the Recall List Regularly. You shouldn’t just worry about being the defendant. Ending up as a Plaintiff in court usually means that you or someone close to you suffered. Be aware of the potential dangers in your home.

Understand Your Responsibilities. The best way to avoid the courts is to know what could lead to a lawsuit.

Do Responsible Business. Always have a written contract when doing business, make use of security cameras, and maintain a close watch on the actions of employees.

Keep Your Temper under Control. Road rage is an excellent way to cause an accident and to wind up paying for it out of pocket. The road isn’t the only place where a temper can get you in trouble (just ask any St. Petersburg bar owner).

Avoid Unnecessary Risks. Many dangerous activities come with no assurance. By partaking, you are accepting all the liability should you be injured. Is it worth it?

Keep Your Yard under Lock and Key. While it might be a good neighborhood, kids are still kids and if one finds his way to your pool or trampoline, the result could be tragic. You will be held responsible.

Prepare for the Unexpected. While there is a lot you can do to avoid the courtroom, the unexpected does happen, so have the right insurance policy to protect against out-of-pocket loss.

Keep Your Kids Close. They are your responsibility and what they do will come back on you. A baseball can easily break a neighbor’s window and a new driver is more likely to cause an accident.

Double-Check the Security of Your Home. As a final note, be sure that you don’t end up the plaintiff after a burglary. Make your house a less appealing target with a good security system that is tested regularly.