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With a combined 30 years of legal experience, Clifford Wells and Jason Herman understand the kind of stress people are in when they’ve suffered a loss or injury and simply want the compensation they deserve. Confident yet completely down to earth, they’re the lawyers you want on your side when you do battle against insurance companies and corporations.

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What We Do


Personal Injury

insure, verb: To arrange for compensation in the event of damage to or loss of property, or injury to or the death of someone, in exchange for regular advance payments to a company.

We represent individuals and businesses against insurance companies that refuse to fairly compensate them for their losses. We receive calls every day from insureds that are facing denied insurance claims, never-ending insurance claim investigations, or unreasonably low settlement offers.

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injury, noun: hurt, damage, or loss sustained, violation of another’s rights for which the law allows an action to recover damages

We represent people who have been injured by the negligence of others. We pursue claims against the businesses and individuals responsible for personal injuries caused in accidents, which means dealing with commercial general liability insurers or car insurance companies. We also represent people in claims under their own policies they paid for to protect them from accidents and injuries: uninsured motorist insurance claims, health insurance claims, and life insurance claims.

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Free Articles

How to Find the Best Personal Injury Attorney in Florida

The Florida Bar prohibits any attorney from saying they are “the best personal injury attorney.” And the best attorney for one case or person may not be the best for…

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Cell Phones As Evidence in Personal Injury Cases

People have been taking photos and videos on their cell phones since the 1990s, mostly for sharing fun and making memories. Cell phones today continuously play larger roles in daily…

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What should I do after an automobile accident in Florida?

After an auto accident in Florida, there are some important steps you need to keep in mind. These will help make the aftermath of an accident easier, in terms of…

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