Avoid the Hospital & Courtroom: Safe Holiday Decorating

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Personal injury attorneys are often busy during and just after the holiday season and much of the new business results from product malfunction.

With so many new gifts being unwrapped at family celebrations throughout the country, there is little reason to question why this would be the season for discovering faulty products.

That being said, however, one might be surprised to learn that many of those malfunctions are not found beneath the tree or in the stocking hanging by the mantel.

Holiday lights are a big problem this time of the year. While beautiful to look at and much safer than the candles used in years past, there are issues with electric lights that one should understand before installing them in or on their house.

Not all of the problems that occur as the results of these lighting products are the fault of the manufacturer and there are things that you can do to prevent a tragedy.

Choose Wisely

It is said that, in life, you get what you pay for. While there are certainly deals to be had during the holiday season, be sure that you are getting inexpensive lights and not a cheap strand. There is a difference and cheap lights may be more likely to fail in the worst ways.

Good lights should feature fuses in the plugs, should burn cool, and should have been properly tested by qualified laboratories such as UL or ETL. While new LED lights might be a bit more expensive, they also burn a lot cooler than old fashioned lights and that means less chance of ornaments, greenery, or housing structure igniting. When using an extension cord, be sure that it, too, is a good rated cord meant for the purpose you intend it for.

Inspect Carefully

Many people reuse lights from year-to-year. While that is a very eco-friendly approach, you should be very careful when doing so. Be sure that you carefully inspect the lights and the cord that they are assembled on. When taken down at the end of the season, many cords can be accidentally torn or may become frayed. Lights can crack and fuses can blow.

Be sure that everything is in working order and the cord is fully intact to keep you and your belongings safe for the holidays. It is also important to follow manufacturers’ guidelines regarding how many strands of lights can be strung together.

Put Your Lights to Bed

As a final note, be sure that your lights go to bed when you do. Do not leave lights burning after you hit your pillow. Without anyone to keep an eye on them, there is a greater risk of them creating a blaze.

If you are harmed physically or financially due to faulty holiday lighting, speak to a personal injury attorney regarding your rights to seek compensation.