Dangerous Situations That Cause Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

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speed-of-motorcycle-1016169-mRiding a motorcycle is undoubtedly a freeing experience. Anyone who has ever been on a bike before can understand the draw of feeling the wind whipping past and the thrill of being completely unencumbered. However, there are also many risks that come with riding a motorcycle, which simply cannot be ignored. Failure to recognize, and to always remember, these dangers can lead to motorcycle accidents. So, before you take your two wheels and speed away from your St. Petersburg home, be sure that you are prepared for what lies ahead.


It is, without fail, one of the most hazardous moments atop a motorcycle. Overtaking someone on the highway, or even on the quieter back roads, means that you assume a lot of risks and the possibility of incurring a motorcycle accident. In order to do this without being injured, and without finding yourself in need of a personal injury attorney, you must be able to predict, to a certain extent, the actions of others on the road. After all, if a car, not having seen you, decides to take a sudden left-hand turn or to pull out from behind another vehicle, you can experience the downside of motorcycle riding very quickly.

So, in order to stay safe, when you decide that you will pass, ensure that you:

Turn on your signal and wait

Give other cars enough time to see your signal before you move. This will also give you enough time to double-check the passing lane for possible obstacles and try to avoid a motorcycle accident

Leaving enough space for cars that make a move before looking

Staying on the opposite side of the passing lane can provide just enough extra time for the other driver to recognize his or her mistake before it causes disaster.

Move quickly to get past any of the other driver’s potential blind spots

It’s already easy enough to be overlooked on a motorcycle, without hiding out. With that being said, always obey the posted speed limit signs.

Being Passed

Just as it is dangerous to pass, being overtaken carries serious risks. Unfortunately, drivers are often unaware of the treacherous conditions their decisions create for bikers. Without thinking, a rider could toss wrappers, gum, or other debris out of a window or they could fail to recognize how close their side mirrors come to hitting you. Worse yet, large vehicles – especially tractor-trailers – cause large gusts of wind as they move past. Be sure that you are providing the other driver plenty of room to get by safely. If you have to, lower your speed carefully, to allow a lingering car to pass. Also, be sure that all passing cars move by before you move to the left lane.

Intersections and Turns

These are also very dangerous times for riders. Sharp turns and busy intersections have been known to claim a lot of novice riders’ lives, so give them the respect that they deserve. There are a lot of these turns and curves within a short distance of your Saint Petersburg home.

  • Always use your lights at intersections, so you are as visible as possible.
  • Approach intersections with your headlight on.
  • Stick to the center lane, if possible, as this is where you are most likely to be seen.

Avoid tight maneuvering. This might mean that you wait a little longer before executing your turn, but it is worth it if it means avoiding an accident.

  • Be prepared to brake suddenly.
  • Enter all turns at a reasonable speed.
  • Maximize your visibility when travelling through curves. Quickly assess where you should be within your lane to make yourself most observable to other drivers.