Can Women and Their Doctors Prevent Birth Defects?

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Baby in Pinellas that was born with specific birth defectsThere has been a lot of concern in recent years regarding the role that doctors play in causing – or failing to prevent – birth defects.

Technically, a personal injury attorney would specify that medical malpractice can lead to birth injuries, but birth defects may be caused by medications prescribed. Regardless of the technicalities, often the symptoms of birth defects are life-long and require a great deal of special care, which can be both costly and emotionally taxing on everyone involved. Fortunately, medical professionals do feel that there are ways to help prevent birth defects. The following is a list of measures that can be taken by mom and her doctors to help ensure the baby is born healthy and happy.

Schedule Regular Appointments. Prenatal care is essential for gauging the continued growth of the child within, as well as ensuring the mother’s health and well-being throughout the pregnancy. But, even before getting pregnant, women who think that they may choose to become mothers should seek the advice of a trusted St. Petersburg doctor. Some illnesses – even those with few or no symptoms – can impact pregnancy and increase the risk of something going wrong. Get a clean bill of health and learn more about proper prenatal care right away and you will be able to enter motherhood with peace of mind.

Maintain Yourself. Remember that, while inside you, a baby’s health depends on your own status. If you are struggling to get high blood pressure or persistent pain under control while pregnant, the baby is likely being impacted. Special circumstances like these should be closely monitored by the physician to ensure that both generations can thrive.

Know About Food. It’s not enough to eat. It’s not enough to simply eat more. You have to know how to eat healthy if you want to give your child a good head start in life. Poor dietary intake, especially in the first trimester, could leave your baby at risk of birth defects or worse.

Remember that the food pyramid has been altered in recent years. No longer is it thought that a person should consider grains as the largest part of their diet. Instead, people are now urged to eat more fruits and vegetables than anything else. Once dominating the largest, bottom section of the pyramid, breads and grains are not at the tippy-top. If you have concerns about how your own diet fits within the new guidelines, consider speaking with a dietician in Saint Petersburg.

Also, keep in mind that part of a good diet is avoiding drugs and chemicals that could reach the baby within. These substances include tobacco, illegal drugs, unnecessary prescriptions, and even OTC medications.

Stay Active, Sleep Well. Pregnancy should not be an excuse to sit around all day. The healthiest moms generally deliver the healthiest babies, so stay active. There will be, of course, different restrictions placed on your exercise routine while you are pregnant, so speak with a doctor regarding any questions or concerns.

Between workouts, be sure that you are getting plenty of sleep. It can become increasingly difficult to get comfortable as pregnancy progresses, but it is generally recommended that you sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees for support. The ultimate goal is eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.

Following these guidelines can help you maintain yourself and the child growing within you during your pregnancy. If something tragic does occur at delivery, speak to a personal injury attorney near you about your rights and the rights of your child.