Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in St. Petersburg, Florida

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As a motorcyclist, it is important to understand the potential hazards on the roads in St. Petersburg and anywhere else you may decide to travel on two wheels. The lack of protection that would otherwise be offered by a typical passenger vehicle means that bikers are more susceptible to injury, and worse, in an accident. In order to counteract the added risk, a motorcycle rider should know the most common causes of accidents to help avoid them.

Sharp Turns or Bends in the Road. It might surprise some to learn that the most common motorcycle accidents do not involve another vehicle. In the majority of cases, it is only the biker who will be down when the police arrive on the scene and, very often, the accident will have been a result of the biker going into a tight bend too quickly.

If you don’t understand how this can happen, then simply think back to the last time that you had to brake halfway through a turn. It’s not that your car gained speed while turning or that the curve suddenly became sharper, it is due to the fact that you misjudged it. This is obviously something that is even more likely to occur in areas unfamiliar to the rider.

Intersection Collisions. It is often when we feel most at ease that motorcycle accidents occur because we let go and forget the importance of constant vigilance. When you have been through the same intersection thousands of times, you won’t likely take the time to consider potential dangers present the next time you arrive at the four corners. Yet, drivers are all too willing to make risky decisions at intersections and as a biker, you are less visible than the drivers of passenger cars. Your vehicle can simply be overlooked until it has been toppled or sandwiched by an aggressive driver. Always remember to pay attention. Even people in parked cars can be a hazard near intersections, as they can quickly open their doors having failed to see the approaching bike.

Difficulty Passing. There are a lot of drivers on the road in and around Saint Petersburg. Many of them will choose to drive at a slower speed than you. This will often mean the need to pass. However, choosing to do so at the wrong moment or failing to see the potential dangers that await when you move out to pass can end in tragedy. Know where you aim to be once you have passed the other vehicle, make smart judgments regarding how long it will take you to reach that intended destination, and always look for other automobiles that might beat you to that spot.

Loss of Control. Icy, wet, loose, or dirty roads can be nightmares for motorcycle riders. A slick or uneven surface can be very difficult to judge and, in many cases, that ends with motorcycle accidents. It is even more important as a new rider to get practice in many different riding conditions to ensure that you are able to handle them. Remember, when roads are slippery, it is important to accelerate slowly and avoid braking hard.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident as a result of someone else’s poor judgment, seek the advice of a personal injury attorney. You may have the right to compensation for damages suffered.