Disputing An Auto Insurance Claim Denial

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You just had a car accident in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Maybe you ran a red light, or maybe the other driver didn’t use his turn signals. Maybe you were side-swiped by a hit and run driver. You could have been rear-ended while at a traffic light. It could be that a drunk driver hit you, and you found out that he is not insured himself. Disputing an auto insurance claim denial is tricky, legal help is always needed, and should be welcomed.

Whatever your auto accident circumstances, there is one thing you want to be aware of. A denial of coverage from your auto insurance company does not have to be the end of it. You have a right to dispute it. You may even be able to dispute the other accident victim’s company from denying you damages.

There is one sure way to find out if you have an auto insurance coverage dispute case, and that is to speak with a Florida personal injury attorney. The first time you speak with the attorney will be to determine whether you have a case or not.

Even if you received some coverage from the insurance company, from either your own insurance or the other person’s insurance, if it is not enough to cover your medical needs, your car repairs, or perhaps you need to purchase a new vehicle if yours has been totaled, or taking care of other expenses from the accident, such as lost wages or travel fees until you can find a new vehicle, you may still have a case to dispute the offer from the insurance company.

Some of the factors which may determine what the auto insurance company offers in terms of a settlement may not make much sense to you as an injured party, but a lawyer can help you determine whether or not it is a fair amount for your special case.

The main determining factors will be the type of coverage you have, the type of damages (physical injury, auto damages, injury to the other party, injury to other property, etc.), the cause of the accident, and the coverage the other driver has which may also offer you a settlement.

It is possible that your insurance company will offer you less than you should be entitled to in any type of auto accident case. If you are not confident that you are being treated fairly, and given what you have paid for, or if the insurance company of the other party is not cooperating to your satisfaction, you may be able to dispute the insurance company and receive more compensation to take care of your needs from the accident.

You can speak to a St. Petersburg personal injury attorney to determine whether or not you have a good case, and go from there. Healing can only really begin when you are free of the pain and hassle the insurance company run-around can give you. No matter what the cause of your accident, you may be able to get financial compensation closer to the amount you actually spent when you discuss the matter with an attorney.

Act as soon as you have talked to your insurance company, and get the professional advice you need from a lawyer with a proven track record to win your auto insurance claim denial case.