Why Your Doctor Should Know All Of Your Allergies

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Dandelion seeds that cause allergic reactions in FloridaFor those who make frequent visits to doctors’ offices, the answering of questions such as “Are there any medications that you are currently taking?” and “Are there any known drug allergies?” are very familiar.

However, medical professionals will often fail to expand on that latter question. While drug allergies are certainly important, it is also worthwhile to speak about other causes of allergic reaction.

Recently, a conversation was overheard that involved a patient who received a recommendation from a medical professional for an herbal supplement for reducing water retention. The supplement included sunflower oil, which has proven effective for this common problem. In fact, sunflower oil is often used to treat arthritis, skin problems, and constipation as well.

Unfortunately, though, the helpful supplement did not turn out to be such a great suggestion for this particular patient. The medical professional treating the individual did not ask the right questions and the patient was put in harm’s way. Sunflower oil is known to cause allergic reactions in those with ragweed allergies. The Pinellas resident was lucky that the reaction was not more severe and that the source of the problem was quickly found. Because the supplement was being consumed, the danger of a very serious reaction was imminent.

This is just one example of how allergies can interfere with medical treatment. Your Pinellas physician should be aware of any known allergies as there are a number of medications that can react poorly for a certain portion of the population. Those potentially dangerous interactions can often be avoided if the doctor is aware of related allergies. While personal injury attorneys may be able to help you should a preventable allergic reaction land you in the hospital, it is better to avoid such a fate alltogether.

So, be sure that the lines of communication between you and your doctors are always open and frequently include talk of your known allergies.