How Likely are Explosions at Work?

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Personal Injury LawyerChances are good that if you work in a high risk workplace, you already realize it, but it is wise to understand where the concerns lie and how likely things are to go wrong. Many people are even more aware of this reality since news broke of the explosion in the Texas fertilizer plant. So exactly how likely are explosions at work?

Dangerous Substances. I cannot tell you have many businesses work with dangerous substances in and around the Saint Petersburg area. There are many fields that require such materials in order to properly perform their work. However, it is important to understand that these liquids, gases, and solids are very dangerous if not properly handled. They can cause fires, explosions, or potentially fatal chemical burns when left in the wrong hands. Falling under this definition are many commonplace products such as certain paints and varnishes. Fertilizers, liquefied petroleum gas, and flammable gases are also on that list.

Threatening Atmosphere. Sometimes it is not a dangerous material that is the cause for concern, but instead the air quality within the workplace that holds the threat of a possible explosion. Even something as minor as sawdust, when accumulating in high volumes, is potentially life-threatening. Should something in that space catch fire, the flames will spread quickly and could explode.

It is essential in all working environments — especially in high risk areas — that employees make every possible effort to reduce the risks faced by themselves and others in the workplace. St. Petersburg employers should ensure that there is safe storage of dangerous substances, and that efforts are made to limit the amount of particulate in the air at any given moment.

If you are harmed as a result of poor conditions and/or explosions at work, it may be possible to collect compensation to cover medical expenses and lost wages. Speak to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.