Should You File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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There is definitely good reason to consider filing a lawsuit against a person or entity that caused you or a loved one serious harm. Severe injury can lead to lasting financial, emotional, and physical ramifications.

Negligence on that person’s (or that organization’s) behalf suggests that the injury might have been preventable had he acted in a more reasonable manner. If that is found to be the case, the courts may award you enough to cover the many costs associated with the physical, mental, or financial harm done.

How do you feel? Before you approach an attorney regarding the facts of your case, understand your own impressions of it. Will you feel comfortable hearing the details of the case read aloud? Do you believe the facts are in your favor? There is a reason for suggesting this. If you cannot take the lawsuit seriously, then you will not be received well by either the lawyer or the court.

How does the lawyer feel? Before you get too hung up on the first impressions of an attorney, remember that there are many personal injury lawyers in the area that can provide feedback (generally for no cost at all). However, if you see a recurring theme of attorneys discouraging you from filing, then you might reconsider what is best. Do arm yourself with an experienced and confident lawyer, however, if you do decide to take the case to the court.

Can you be honest? In order to help you, an attorney needs to have a clear picture of what happened at the time of the incident, the part played by the defendant, and the part that you played as well.

Even if you are uncomfortable admitting your faults, it is important to be very up front with as much information as you can be, so these things don’t come up in court and catch your attorney unaware.

If you are still feeling good after reading this far, you understand the time commitment that will be made once you file the case, and you have a clear understanding of the best and worst case scenarios, then you can feel confident in the lawsuit.