Gun Liability Insurance: FAQs

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Gun lying on bedThere has been a lot of talk about firearm insurance in recent months. The phenomenon is completely understandable given the tragic stories that continue to litter Saint Petersburg newspapers and those throughout the country.

The loss of life as a result of firearms is heart-wrenching, and that emotion isn’t all innocent families will face should shootings continue to occur. This is why many people are pushing the mandate for all gun owners to carry firearms’ insurance policies.

The difference between traditional St. Petersburg homeowners insurance and that which is being proposed is significant. Some homeowners’ policies will cover the costs of damage and injury as a result of accidental discharge. However, that is where the gun liability understanding ends. An insurance company is in business to make profits and will, therefore, deny claims made as a result of illegal activity. Illegal acts involving the use of guns are not covered, ever.

There are now proposals that insurance should be offered and mandated for gun owners to cover the expenses of victims injured by the gun, regardless of the intended purpose of the shooter. That is to say that if a son or daughter should take the gun, without permission, and fire it into a crowd, causing devastating injuries and death, the innocent families involved would be compensated by the insurance company.

This isn’t a farfetched idea. Some intentional acts are currently covered by homeowners’ and automobile policies. For instance, self-defense will generally be acceptable in the eyes of the insurance company and car insurance will pay the victim harmed by the insured driver, even if the act was obviously intentional.

Regardless of whether or not the proposal becomes a reality, gun owners should be aware of the potential dangers of the weapons they own, and the importance of understanding gun liability. Firearms should be kept in well-secured areas and out of the reach of children. Anyone injured by a gun should consult a personal injury attorney.