Heart Attack Links To Heartburn Meds

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paper-heart-928670-mBlame it on our diet habits, the stress levels that we contend with, or any of the other possible causes, but heartburn remains a very common problem in this country.

Men, women, and even children flock to doctors’ offices throughout the nation to seek medical assistance when the pain and discomfort of heartburn become too much to bear. The facts and figures undoubtedly include thousands of individuals living in the Saint Petersburg area. The good news is that there are several heartburn medications available on the market today. In fact, in recent years several of these drugs have become available over-the-counter. While that is good news for those who regularly suffer with the burning sensations after a meal, there is now reason for concern as well.

The questions about the safety of these drugs are not new, but they are being more precisely aimed at a distinct portion of the population. There is some evidence that these drugs could be linked to an increased risk of heart attack. Thus, people with a family history of heart disease and those who have had coronary events in the past should carefully consider the advantages versus the possible risks associated with heartburn medications.

Medical professionals suggest that the link between heart attacks and heartburn medications is not necessarily surprising due to the manner in which these medications work.

The study that proves this correlation looked at the records of more than 15 million US patients. They were looking for records of reported heartburn symptoms, for use of heartburn medications, and any incidences of cardiovascular complication. What they found was that people with acid reflux who also relied on heartburn medications were significantly more likely to experience a heart attack during their lifetime. In fact, they were twice as likely to die of a heart-related issue as patients who did not take heartburn medication. These findings were presented in the Huffington Post.

According to the experts who commented on these findings, there is still a lack of necessary evidence. The medications will still be made available to the public in the same manner that they are now, despite these findings. According to some, the benefits simply outweigh the risks.

The trouble is this game of balancing benefit and risk is a dangerous one. Many lives have likely been endangered and/or lost as a result of heartburn medication. It is likely that the manufacturers will do nothing to change the drugs that are currently selling on the shelf, which means that they are continuing to risk the lives of innocent people.

While the FDA may not be ready to step in just yet, you should not be made to suffer nor should you be left to mourn a loved one as a result of drug manufacturers “looking the other way.”  This is one reason why the legal system is willing to support victims and their families.  If you suffered a heart attack or a family member died as a result of a heart attack and you suspect the heartburn medications that were recommended or prescribed by a physician, you do have the right to seek the assistance of a St. Petersburg personal injury attorney.