Beginner Motorcyclist In Florida? Know These Motorcycle Types First

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speed-985274-mOne of the most important things that you can do as a beginning motorcyclist is to learn as much as you can about the motorcycle type that you plan to ride. If you haven’t selected your first bike yet, then stop to consider the various types that are available to you and what pros and cons come with each. As a novice rider, your needs and desires will be different than those of a friend who has been riding for years. Keep this in mind as you search Saint Petersburg dealers.


For many new riders, this will be the motorcycle type that is selected. It features traditional lines, a medium weight, and comfortable seat placement.

Pros. Perhaps the most beneficial thing about the standard motorcycle is the lack of frills. These bikes are made for a pleasant ride, but they aren’t going to attract a lot of attention. Wait! Before moving on, consider the benefit that comes with less detailing – less cost should you accidentally drop the bike. Furthermore, the sleek design will generally result in a smoother, easier ride.

Cons. As a new rider, be sure to carefully consider the size of the engine. Too much horsepower can make take-offs dangerous and difficult. The power ranges significantly across this motorcycle type, so consider your choice carefully.


Before getting into the specific pros and cons of this motorcycle type, it is essential to note that riders of crotch rockets are four times more likely to experience a fatal motorcycle accident than riders of other bikes. They are also far more likely to wind up in front of a Pinellas personal injury attorney. Supersport bikes were made to fully encompass that desire for thrill that a portion of the population shares. They are made to sit close to the ground, while maximizing speed potential.

Pros. The only noteworthy advantage that these bikes hold for new riders is the lightweight body design. Of course, this too is meant to add to the overall speed capabilities of the bike.

Cons. As mentioned a few times now, these bikes are meant to go fast! The engine is often too much for a new rider to manage. Though they are built for handling, they require an experienced touch. Furthermore, insurance companies hate them. Not only are they considered a big risk, they are expensive to repair, which means high insurance rates and big risks for the novice rider.


For those who really want the impressive styling of motorcycle type that is the supersport, but also appreciate the easier handling and safer design of a standard bike, there is the dual sport. This bike is meant to be ridden on- and off- road.

Pros. Because of its dual purpose, the dual sport is built with a lightweight design and is meant to withstand torment. That means that there is less bulk to contend with as a new rider and less worry should you accidentally drop it.

Cons. The only really noteworthy complaint reported by new riders is the high seat, which makes it difficult to get two feet on the ground when coming to a stop, which is a nerve-wracking prospect for many novice riders.


This is another motorcycle type that new riders are likely to consider. There are many advantages to the cruiser, which was built for easy, comfortable riding.

Pros. The term “cruising bike” implies that it is meant for racking up the miles, not setting land speed records. It also implies a low-set seat, comfortable hand and foot placement, and a manageable engine. All of these factors come together to create an easier ride for the novice.

Cons. Though the lower seat makes it easy to get your feet on the ground when coming to a stop, it can also make it more awkward to ride initially. For this reason, it is important to test drive cruisers to get a feel for them before investing.