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There is something freeing and exciting about being out on the open road, driving with the wind against you, and enjoying the sunshine on your face in St. Petersburg. One way many people have this pleasure is by riding a motorcycle. One way of this going bad is getting into a motorcycle accident.

Maybe you have been on the road for years, and have yet to have an accident. Let’s hope that never happens. Maybe, though, you have seen some of the devastating results from other bikers’ accidents. Or maybe you do not ride a motorcycle at all. If you don’t ride, this article is for you. If you ride, and occasionally drive a car or truck, then this article is for you, too.

Motorcycle accident prevention for the non-biker

Many motorists are not aware of the dangers presented by sharing the road with bikers. The reason for this is, in part, due to lack of explanation in driver education courses, and in part due to simply not thinking it necessary to know how to be a safe driver while sharing the road with motorcycles.

Some of the mistakes car or truck drivers make which can cause an accident with a motorcycle can be avoided with a bit of education, and lot of attention to detail. Here are some of the most common ways other motorists cause accidents with motorcyclists:

    • Car drivers have a habit of pulling out in front of motorcycles, which can cause the motorcycle driver to have to slam on his brakes, and risk skidding into a crash. If you see a motorcycle coming, leave more room for him to pass than you would a car, before pulling out.
    • Quite often, car or truck drivers follow too closely behind a motorcycle. It’s almost like the driver of the car is ignoring the fact that the motorcycle is on the road, too. Following closely is dangerous because a car needs more time to stop than a motorcycle does. If the biker has to stop rather fast, the car may not be able to stop in time to avoid hitting him.
    • Passing is another area where automobile drivers seem to need work. Passing, and then pulling back into the lane, seems simple. The biggest problem is when the car driver pulls back in the lane too soon, not leaving enough space between him and the motorcycle.
    • Sometimes accidents happen because the car or truck driver is not paying enough attention. Motorcycles are small, and the lights are singular rather than in pairs. That can mimic other lights, such as street lights, or flashlights. If a driver is not paying attention well enough, he may cause an accident by running right into the motorcycle in front of him.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Saint Petersburg, you may want to speak to a personal injury attorney to find out if you have a case which may be eligible for some sort of restitution. Florida is one of the states that offers professional help when you need it. Motorcycle accidents happen far too often, and are usually not the fault of the motorcycle driver.